Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Stoogapore Govt may be a stooge but not the Brave Singaporeans.

"Solidarity" event for Malaysia draws a crowd at Hong Lim Park
SINGAPORE - Most in the crowd wore black and were issued yellow candles for a vigil. A significant number appeared to be Malaysians who came to observe the event.
Several signs expressing support for Malaysia were laid on the ground in one corner of the park.
Said businessman Mr Chong Chin Chun, 43, who is a permanent resident from Malaysia: "Our neighbours are here to speak out for us, I will feel very shameful if I don't turn up to support."
The event was organised by social activist Jolovan Wham. Two Singaporean speakers - Mr Wham and poet Alfian Sa'at - made speeches. 

Our Appreciation and Thanks to the brave Singaporeans who turned up to support our call for a clean & fair election. Unlike the "Committee 300 stooge PM" who was among the first to congratulate the corrupt Najib BN govt for stealing the GE-13.

Tainted by Association. Despite the clear evidence of an unfair and stolen election, PM Lee did not hesitate to send the following congratulatory message.

Letter from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Judge for yourself how "sincere" he was in the letter. At least the US did express possible irregularities, adding that the US believed it was important that Malaysian authorities address the concerns.

Dear Prime Minister Najib, 
Congratulations on leading the Barisan Nasional to a well-deserved victory in the 13th General Election, as well as on your win in Pekan! The Barisan Nasional's convincing win reflects your people's confidence in your leadership and the value they placed on continuity and stability.
This was a particularly hard-fought general election, but you ran a strong campaign that focused on your people's concerns and persuaded them of your vision for Malaysia. 
I wish you all the best in your next term of Government. I look forward to continue working with you to deepen our bilateral cooperation. As we discussed at our Leaders' Retreat in February, our countries have large and growing stakes in each other's success. Let us strengthen our close partnership for the benefit of both our peoples.

Ho Ching joins me in congratulating you and in wishing you and Datin Sri Rosmah continued good health and success. We hope to see you again before too long. 
Yours sincerely,

Contrast S'pore PM's message with the following pictures posted on "Singaporeans in Solidarity with Malaysians" Facebook event page by Marcus Lim Eng Soon, Jason Cheng & Devane Sharma.

See their FB page:

Do you see the world of a difference?