Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blackout505 was a deception copybook from America's 9/11.

On 24 May 2013, the Election Commission (EC) Deputy Chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar stated that various blackout incidents during vote counting did not happen. As a proof, he said the photo posted in the internet was recorded before the GE13.

(Bernama) - Preliminary investigation by the Election Commission (EC) revealed that a photograph posted on the internet showing that a blackout purportedly occurred during vote-counting for the 13th general election (GE13) was an act recorded even before the GE13.

Fact is, there was no time-date stamp on the photo / still-shot. How could he say for certain that the photo/video was recorded before GE13?

So either

it was a pre-staged scene before the election knowing BN was going to lose big and this "prestaged photo" could be used to refute the allegations of election frauds committed during the blackouts  


a bold-face flat denial (LIE) in the face of a election defeat,

or  BOTH.

A conversation between the SPR Chairman (SPRC), deputy Chairman (SPRDC) and Najib (CPM) before Parliament was dissolved for the GE13.

SPRC: Datuk (CPM  Najib), we are going to lose this GE13 big, very big Boss.

CPM:  You know we cannot afford to lose this GE13. All our heads are on the chopping board. Any bright ideas?

SPRC: I can make 2 sets of indelible ink. The really indelible ink for the legitimate Malaysian voters who will likely vote PR and the other "eyewash fake indelible ink" for our Bangla-import voters.

CPM:  Good idea. But how will our SPR crooks know who our Bangla / BN voters are?

SPRC: Easy. Those who show the Index finger (1M) symbol are your supporters. The ones who hate you will show the Middle finger at our SPR agents

CPM:  Fantastic. Your Tun-ship will be ready after I tipu-win this election.

SPRDC: Can I interject? What if the voters turn up in record numbers? Judging from the overwhelming responses to Anwar's campaign, this might just happen. Above 80% voters' turnout, even our airbus loads of Bangla and Filipino voters will not be enough.

CPM:  You have a point there SPRDC. What's your suggestion?

SPRDC: If SPRC's plan A don't work, we need a last minute "Instant Maggie mee" backup plan.

CPM:  What do you mean?

SPRDC: Like Instant Maggie Mee, we must be able to overturn the voting results within minutes at the last minute like magic.

CPM:  And how do you propose to do that?

SPRDC: Instant blackout! Then we switch the vote tallies or "parachute" in the pre-marked BN ballots.

CPM:  How do you coordinate this publicly with millions of Malaysians glued to the twitters,FB and sms updates? Surely we will get caught with our pants down.

SPRDC: Tak ada masalah. Our SPR control centre will sms "IM" to relevant counting stations for the blackouts to occur. Each "IM" sms means one bag of 10,000 fake votes. Our SPR agents will then shout to their assistants to cook instant maggie mee for our hungry "ghosts" counting agents. But the electric kettles issued by SPR to boil the water for maggie mee are all designed to fail and short-circuit the AC mains as soon as they are plugged in. During the Instant Blackout, the vote tallies and insertion of bogus votes can be carried out by our Tipu agents. This election will be code-named Blackout505.    

SPRC: Surely, the people will cry FOUL that SPR stole the election for Najib. 1 or 2 blackouts ok....but...but...27 blackouts all at the same time. Won't this be very suspicious? 

SPRDC: Tak ada masalah. We blame it on the Chinese supplier of the faulty electrical kettles that comes with the instant maggie mee. We can kill 2 birds with one stone. We will start a Chinese Tsunami campaign to boycott the Chinese goods.  That way we will create racial tension. 

We will also video tape and have photo proofs of these blackouts before the election; blame it on the PR side of fabricating evidence of blackouts. That way we confuse everybody and diffuse the attention  on the cheating and stolen election.    

SPRC: Very good, SPRDC. Where did you learn this technique?

SPRDC: from America, the staged 9/11 deception.

CPM:  Very good gentlemen. Shall we proceed with Blackout505 GE13, then? Will dissolve Parliament this afternoon. Tunship and Tan Sri-ships for both of you if we are successful in stealing this election.