Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Najib's 9MP that did not go as planned in 2010

Now that the world has seen how blatantly desperate the criminally corrupt Najib regime (CCNR) are ...in  clinging to power, it is time to revisit some of Najib's criminal past. Only those with evil intentions will accept and recognize a PM with such a devilish past, present and future.  

-by ManaBolehMalaysia on Murder Scam & Thieves

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No, 9MP is not the abbreviation for the 9th Malaysia Plan. Najib unveiled his controversial 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) in Parliament on 10 June 2010. 9MP is the secret code name for Najib's murderous plan to kill Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on 9th July 2011, the day of the BERSIH 2.0 Rally in KL.

After the recent failed attempts to finish off Anwar Ibrahim (sex video by the infamous Datuk Trio and Sodomy II accusation by Saiful), PM Najib was desperately in need of a perfect murder plan. Blowing Anwar Ibrahim to pieces using C4 explosives like in the Altantuya-Scorpene Scandal Murder case would confirm Najib's involvement once and for all. No, even though Rosmah was pushing him to do it, it would be suicidal for Najib. There had to be another way, where the PM can clean his hands off. He would gladly kiss the hands of the POPE if only there was a way.

Sodomy II did not hit the top “box-office” with the Malaysian's public as they had expected. So an Altantuya-style murder II could have the same skepticism and backlash as Sarbaini Mohamad's suicide jump from MACC's building on 6th April 2011. Sarbaini was the second victim to have “mysteriously” committed suicide after “interrogation” by MACC (Malaysia's Anti Corruption Agency). Teoh Beng Hock (an opposition DAP member political aide) mysteriously committed suicide earlier by jumping of MACC's building on 16 July 2009. A third person especially the leader of a united opposition to commit a similar suicide from the MACC's building would be too much for the nation to bear. 

No one even the former PM Tun Mahathir who had insisted Anwar's black eye was self-inflicted, would believe it. While the former PM would only be too glad to get rid of his former Deputy (Anwar) and PM Najib at the same time, BN could be at risk of being destroyed totally together with the chance of his son being the future PM. No, that would be throwing the “baby out with the bath water”.

Mahathir argued that Anwar's Black Eye was "self inflicted"Anwar appeared in the court on 29 September 98 with a swollen face and a black eye. While Mahathir has argued that the wounds were "self inflicted", there are reports that Anwar was badly beaten on the first day of custody by the Malaysian Police. If these reports are true, and if it could happen to a Deputy Prime minister one could imagine the fate of other ordinary dissidents in Malaysia.The dominant United Malays National Organisation met in the first week of October with the avowed purpose of selecting a successor to Anwar Ibrahim. The Party proposes but the chief disposes. Surprising of everyone Mahathir announced that no successor will be nominated until the party elections next year. ( By convention the Deputy President of the Party is selected automatically as the Deputy Prime Minister).

Homicide for Teoh Beng Hock and suicide for MCA? -March 29th, 2011The top news if not the news of 2009 is the mysterious death of Selangor political aideTeoh Beng Hock, eclipsing that of BN’s illegal Perak power grab. On 16th July under mysterious circumstances Teoh’s body was found in the premises of Plaza Masalam on the 5th Floor.
In the immediate aftermath, the Coroner’s Inquest investigated and returned an Open Verdict of neither suicide nor homicide, on 5th January this year, which created a furore among the public amidst demands for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to be set-up.

The Dumnos at UMNO were in a real fix. How to stop the united opposition,Pakatan, led by Anwar Ibrahim from securing a landslide win in the coming general election?
Their DIRTY CHEATING MACHINERY (DCM, also stands for DEPARTMENT OF CRIME MINISTER) was already working to the hilt in 2008 and yet, they still lost 5 states to a united opposition. With a dirty Crime Minister already suspected of killing Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock and Sarbaini (directly or indirectly) a dead opposition leader by any means or by even by accident would spell a disastrous election loss for the ruling BN government. 

The BN's partner-in-crime, Taib's PBB ruling coalition barely scrapped through to hold the state government despite massive election frauds and massive doses of election bribes. Everyone can see that their numbers (and cheating ways of holding on to power) are up.

Then in their darkest hours of desperation, BERSIH 2.0 showed up like a bright spark. What better way to kill Anwar Ibrahim and several other opposition leaders as well with a “chaotic stampede” by their own political supporters? What a brilliant plan especially if the leaders and supporters of BERSIH 2.0 can be incited to be angry and violent. Many had commented that Najib's evil inner circle of murderers which included his close cousin, the Home Minister (aka the Homicide Minister) were indecisive and panicking at Bersih's demands. 

They could not be more wrong. They were following precisely Sun Tze's strategy of “borrowing the enemy's sword to kill their own leader”. 

That was why Najib first offered the stadium as a compromise and later retracted. 

That was why the Homicide Minister declared Bersih to be illegal and started the clamp down on Bersih days before the 9 July street rally. 

That was why the Police Chief said Bersih (despite being illegal) can apply for the rally permit in the stadium but intended to reject it at the last minute. 

That was why Perkasa was encouraged to incite hatred and violence among Bersih's marchers. There are no coincidences. 

All had been planned well in advance and their main target (objective) was to kill Anwar Ibrahim and as many opposition leaders as possible on 9th July 2011.

Man or more precisely, EVIL can plan the mass murders on 9th July but only GOD can dispose. 

That Anwar Ibrahim survived this “perfect murder plan” is a good sign and a very strong evidence that GOD protects the good and exposes the evil. 

We, Malaysians have been given many messages that Najib's evil BN regime is about to end soon. 

That Malaysians from all walks of life can stay united and calm despite the provocations is a good sign that we have matured for true democracy to prevail. Do not let a sinking BN ship destroy that harmony.

Altantuya's soul should be able to rest in peace soon and Malaysia can begin the painful process of repairing the broken economy from 30 years of BN's tyrannic rule which started with the evil scheming PM by the name of Mahathir Mohamed.