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The USD 700 million question that Najib will even murder to cover up

written by Malaysia Mana Boleh.  Selamat Hari Raya to all.

So now, all the lies that Najib built to cement his "BN house of cards" have come home to roost on Hari Raya eve. What a gift to the Malaysian people. Will Najib's BN house of cards come crumbling down before this Christmas as many had predicted? That would be the greatest gift to Malaysia.

Najib caught in the US$700M CORRUPTION SCANDAL
The main corruption allegation facing Najib over how US$700 million allegedly turned up in his bank accounts linked to state-owned company 1MDB perfectly draws together the intersecting political and economic questions facing the country this week.

1MDB is the sort of opaque SOE that the TPP group is promising to rein in to create a regional free market with clear operating rules that go well beyond trade.

It is also now the most egregious example of the Malaysian entities that have grown off the back of the Malay preferences established under Najib's father, which the Prime Minister once said needed to be reformed to make the country more competitive.

And, perhaps not surprisingly, the money was accumulating before the 2013 election, when Najib faced the greatest ever challenge to UMNO's hegemony and only just managed to cling to office, winning the most seats but not the most votes.

It is hard not to think six decades is too long for one party to be in power. ~AFP

Published on Jul 29, 2015
Sebuah video yang memaparkan Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin berkata bahawa wang jutaan ringgit disalurkan ke akaun peribadi Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak kini mula tersebar.

Video berkenaan dirakamkan ketika beberapa pengunjung, termasuk Menteri Besar Kedah Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir menziarahi Muhyiddin di kediamannya di Bukut Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, malam semalam.

The USD 700 million question that Najib will even murder to cover up

Najib is damned if he answers and damned if he don't.

So far he has avoided by sidestepping with stupidity, hoaxes, fabrication and more twisted lies by himself and his Ministers of Lies.

Najib is not known as the LYING KING for nothing. 

All fools but no gold.

What's so difficult with a pure simple denial  with 2 letter "NO"?

This is not 1969. The Rakyat can plainly see what is right and what is wrong, even if they do not outwardly express it.

So far, all the "Macai warriors" Najib sent to counter Sarawak Report (SR) and Wall Street Journal (WSJ) expose' have all met with dismal failures.

We have seen how a CIMB CEO fell from grace, in trying to discredit WSJ professional journalism.

CIMB banker who foolishly disputed WSJ report resigns CIMB Islamic Bank's CEO Badlisyah Abdul Ghani, who publicly disputed documents used by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) about fund transfers to the prime minister's personal bank accounts, will resign from his post effective August 15, The Edge Markets reported. Badlisyah had initially said there was a discrepancy in the 'Swift' code mentioned in the documents that WSJ uploaded to the Internet to back up its July 2 report that some US$700 million (RM2.67 billion) had been transferred to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's personal accounts at AmBank in Kuala Lumpur. He posted his analysis of the swift code on his Facebook account, saying that it was proof that the documents used by WSJ were "an absolute hoax", but later corrected it after news portal Malaysiakini pointed out his error.

So it is no surprise to see another pro-Najib fake NGO fell in disgrace after its intended fabricated Statutory Declaration hoax would be easily exposed with further inquiries on the ethnicity of the fake SD. Rather than be "killed" or taken "prisoner", GAG-M (CAGM ) committed "harakiri" by twisting it as a social experiment. WHAT?

Which of course, didn't prove anything damaging to the proponents of truth. It confirms what Najib could not admit. That the USD 700 million question was more damning than what Najib was willing to ADMIT.

Just like their boss, pro-Najib group shows their DISHONESTY with fake statement
It’s obvious that the objective of these nefarious characters behind CAGM was to try and convince readers that perhaps the media’s reporting so far on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak may have been littered with inaccuracies and errors.
Such low-down tactics won’t work. What matters is the Court of Public Opinion, not journalism. The Jury is no longer out on many of the pressing issues of the day. The verdict is in on the issues of the day, no matter how many “experiments” CAGM undertakes. Live with that!

Since they are not journalists, CAGM can’t claim to be subject matter experts.

The media publishes in good faith. If its reporting was inaccurate, others have the right of reply.
In this case, AmBank and its Chairman Azman Hashim can exercise their right of reply and rebut our reporting, which was based on the CAGM email and statement carried on its website, and we will carry it.

When that happens, CAGM will be discredited.

Sooner or later, the faceless creatures behind CAGM will be exposed and the regular media and the social media will go to town with the expose and have the last laugh. He who laughs last, laughs the longest and the best! - FMT

Despicable hatchet job by pro-Najib group condemned
The CAGM ‘hoax experiment’ reporting a Statutory Declaration about an ex-AmBank executive being sacked unceremoniously over corrupt money transfers should be condemned by all right-minded citizens who care enough for our country.

Indeed CAGM’s act is totally uncalled for especially in these times where the nation’s political climate is overheating and fissures already appearing all across the divides including precarious business and foreign investments.

When our nation is being gripped with allegations and scandalous developments, with foreign media all training their head lights on the country, here we go with a Made-in-Malaysia NGO ridiculing the citizens and a host of media.
we quote what normal responsible citizen blogger would posted
The CAGM blog, which posted an unredacted version of the SD this evening, said it is fictitious.
However, the commissioner for oaths stamp was genuine, and could have been misused.
Prior to publishing CAGM’s SD claim, Malaysiakini had run a check on the commissioner for oaths whose stamp appeared on the SD, which showed the person existed.
According to the commissioner for oath’s database, Faridah Abdul Hamid (No. PJS: W420) served as a commissioner of oaths from Jan 1, 2012 to Dec 31, 2014. The SD was dated May 8, 2013.
Malaysiakini had also emailed AmBank for response.
The CAGM blog also posted what is purportedly a conversation between The Wall Street Journal Asia markets editor Tom Wright and Zainal with regard to the SD.
The posted conversation with WSJ appeared to be an attempt to discredit Wright and WSJ in the wake of allegations against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak published in the financial daily.
Editor’s note: Malaysiakini has retracted the original article.

Obviously, GAG-M was going no where with its blatant lying in defence of Najib's fradulent 1MDB. Rather than face continuation humiliation of poor responses to its articles, Najib's PR team headed by Scam Guru Lim Kok Wing, decided to make one "Custer Last Stand".

Sarawak Report’s denial of link to Mahathir a ‘blatant lie’

KUALA LUMPUR: The Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia (CAGM) yesterday chastised Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle Brown for denying that her husband Andrew Brown’s was acquainted with former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed.

Calling the denial a ‘blatant lie,’ CAGM chairman Md Zainal Abidin warned her not to ‘manipulate facts for ulterior motives’. 
FMT had yesterday reported former journalist Clare as denying CAGM’s earlier claim that her husband had sought Mahathir’s assistance to expand √Člectricit√© de France’s (EDF France) energy business in Asia, saying that Brown and Mahathir did not know each other.She also said that Brown worked for EDF Energy UK (EDF UK), and not EDF France, and that he did not have any involvement in the latter group’s global operations.

An excellent summary to Najib corruption debacle

Besides the constant "barking up the wrong trees" by Najib's Ministers of Lies, what other underhand assaults on the poor Rakyat's minds did Najib's mafia gangsters and spin-masters contrive? We are still compiling the list but here are the obvious ones.

713 (July13, 2015) Low Yat Franca. 

For all purposes and intent, 713 is a poor remake of 513 (May 13, 1969). It was meant to be another "Hell Break Loose" racial riot event, meant to be the perfect excuse for Najib to impose emergency martial law and subsequently, install his dictatorial regime of ASM (Apartheid State of Malaysia) or perhaps more appropriately named NajibRosmalsia.

A group of concerned citizen bloggers had it right (predicted) as early as March 2008. But like all foreign-assisted professionally contrived regime change plots, direct evidence were hard to come by. All whistle-blowers would have been killed before they even make it to the press's doorstep.

One thing that had prevented Najib from ruthlessly taking over Malaysia by force, is his lack of grass root support, the need to "plunder Malaysia to the ground" (by some estimates to be 200-300 Rm billion) and lack of personal character, courage, brilliance and drive. He had been born with a silver spoon. If the Kabal had not chosen him to be their Manchurian Candidate, he would not have advanced beyond a cabinet minister.

Najib's golden pathway to the PM throne

Hundreds of hand phones are being stolen on a daily basis round the world. My friends and I have had hand phones being stolen or snatched outright with some skirmishes in the past. None of these incidences exploded into a racially charged riot. As you can see from the above pictures, the 713 Low Yat Franca was planned to explode as a nationwide racial unrest. Who would have the resources and network to plan such a despicable mass murder? Obviously, the UMNO Mafia again.

(14/7/15 Tuesday Night)
For SPREADING RACIST LIES About Low Yat Plaza Phone-Theft Incident.
"Papagomo, who had been detained for spreading lies previously, is wanted by the police, after he had posted a picture of a (Malay) man being hospitalised with a caption saying he was beaten by a group of Chinese traders at Low Yat Plaza, on his Twitter account.

However, the man's friend who stumbled upon Papagomo's tweet, replied that the man was actually robbed in Shah Alam on Saturday morning. "This is my friend who was robbed in Shah Alam at 4.30am," a Twitter user known as ShafizahMS replied." - www.beritadaily.com (13/7/15 5pm)


Papa Gomo Facebook/Twitter Posting (12/7/15 9.15am): 
"Cite dapat dari member bebudak yang turun malam tadi. Cina kedai fone tu tipu jual fone bukan original dari OPPO. Budak tu repeat lepas tu Cina kedai kata budak tu curi fone dan tangkap bawak pergi balai. Sampai balai budak tu sembang cerita sebenar tunjuk bukti dan resit Polis bebas budak tu.

Keluar balai je budak tu panggil kaum repeat gegar kedai Cina tipu jual Fone.

Tu cerita Gomo dapat lah, sahih tak sahih tak sure tapi takkan le budak tu berani ajak kaum repeat kalau betul dia curi fone?

Dah lama depa ni jual barang tipu Melayu. Melayu je bodoh nak mampos masih dok sokong DAP Babi."


There are many factors why the nationwide racial riot failed to explode as Najib had planned and desired. That will be coming up in the next article.

Did another psyops-infiltrator NGO MyWatch (Malaysia's Crime Prevention Task Force), chaired by Sri Sanjeevan with Tan Sri Musa (former tainted IGP) as patron, know of the impending 713 Racial Mayhem, months before it happened? It would be hard for Sanjeevan the mole, to be caught in the middle of the racial mayhem. He conveniently left on a Europe honeymoon tour on July 8.

From his facebook and website postings, he sounds like he is following Jho Low's footsteps to quick success, wealth and social status.

So, if you think these are the only fabrication thought up to counter the recent USD700 million in Najib account question, 1MDB expose by Sarawak Report or the splurging of untold wealth by the Najib First Family (daughter, step son & dolly-molly mama), then you are sadly mistaken. You only have to open your eyes and see all the machinations by Najib_4_PM team since Tun Razak died unexpectedly of leukemia in 1976.

Both Tun Dr Ismail & Tun Razak were murdered

The Kabal at that time had no other choices, really. Ghafar Baba (the 3rd UMNO Vice President) was too much of a ground-root Malay leader and not cunning enough, to deceive the Malay population. Worst of all, Ghafar Baba could not "ACT" as in crisis acting like Najib in MH370.

All the capable forerunners (competitors to Najib) had to be conveniently disposed of, to pave the golden pathway to the PM throne for the lazy, shirt chaser born-with-a-silver-spoon Prince of Darkness. Tun Dr Ismail as Tun Razak's DPM, had to be disposed off first. Typical of the Kabal-made-up prophesies, RAHMAN  was prophesized as the first alphabet of PM names. N was meant to be Najib.

After Tun Razak was murdered, Malaysians meekly accepted an ill-health Hussein Onn as their PM. His tenure as PM was mean to be a short transition to the next PM, Mahathir. Meanwhile Najib was fast-tracked from youngest elected MP, to youngest cabinet deputy minister (age 25), to UMNO Vice President in 1993. 

Reconciled with Mahathir, Musa Hitam posed a stumbling block to Najib being elected as the youngest Vice President in 1993.  There was only one UMNO vice president slot left. Anwar moved up from the vice presidency slot to DPM. If Musa were to contest for that seat, Najib's chance would be very slim indeed. Musa was persuaded by Mahathir to go for the vice presidency slot, as a backup, in case Anwar failed as his DPM. Further if Anwar and Musa worked as a tag team with Mahathir, Najib's fast track to the PM throne may be blocked forever. Their Sodomy Plot to get rid of Anwar would be of no use. Mahathir would just resort to Musa as his DPM again. They can't do a "shoot once" Sodomy Plot on Musa as Mahathir and the whole world would be too suspicious.

That's right. The 1993 Highland Tower collapse was caused by a bomb detonated on one of the critical support pile groups. Although the key evidence of the "Missing Pile Caps", peculiar "twist & turn before collapsing" and the many inconsistencies with NCL (natural cause landslide), were brought up by many, in technical forums and conferences, the official report still cited natural causes (landslide) for the disaster.

1993-12-11 Highland Towers revisited

Another bombshell waiting to explode.

Over the last few weeks, we had been checking on some amazing info, comparative studies and analyses on the 1993 Highland Tower tragedy, sent to us from an anonymous source. 

So far, all the details seem to check out. There are some very compelling evidence that the 3 tragic events (1993 Highland Tower, 2002 Affin Bank Chairman bungalow, 2008 Bt AntaraBangsa LS-collapses) were BTD (bomb triggered disasters). There had been serious inconsistencies in the natural causes of these landslides since day 1 but the govt don't seem to care about the truth. 

In the Highland Tower tragedy, hundreds had been forced out (mandatory evacuation) over fears that the remaining towers (B & C) would follow the same fate as Tower A. 22 years is a long time to test those unfounded fears of another potential landslide pushing and collapsing the other 2 towers. 

Now that we know 911-WTC collapses were certainly not caused by planes crashing into them, or the fires that burnt after the crashes, and that US govt were complicit in the 911-Inside Job False Flag, should we not also re-examine and determine the criminality behind these 3 BTD. 

Stay tuned to this album, as we add more information as soon as they are verified.

Compare the hill setting behind the fallen Highland Tower A with another landslide in Ulu Langat. From the pictures, it is clear the landslide at Highland Tower hardly touched the building. Whereas in the picture below, the 2-4 storey buildings with even shallower foundations were able to withstand the onslaught of the mud debris.  

The 20-11-02 landslide must be very localised as the adjacent neighbouring house barely metres away was largely unaffected. The final fatality count was 8. The picture below was reported in the immediate aftermath of the BTD.

Who gave the order to kill Altantuya?

No one is born to be a criminal. Somehow in their twisted lives, criminals get drafted into the crooked world of crimes. To order such a grotesque murder, the commander of the Altantuya's murder had to be a seasoned murderer who had no qualms about murdering anybody or many "bodies".

So was the 1993 Highland Tower collapse a BTD ( bomb triggered disaster)? The real evidence (not those fabricated by professional ass-lickers) seem to be quite conclusive that it was. Well, if you have one, there must be others too. You are quite right if you had suspected the 20-11-02 (see the number pattern) "landslide" which completely destroyed Gen (rtd) Tan Sri Ismail Omar's house killing 8 including his wife, children and maids who were all sound asleep at 4:30 am.

Gen (rtd) Tan Sri Ismail Omar was by the way, a staunch supporter of Tun Mahathir and Chairman of Affin Bank.  As with the Highland Tower tragedy, just 300 m away, was there a political motive in the BTD? You bet.

So too, was the 6-12-08 Bt AntaraBangsa BTD which again completely destroyed PM Badawi's principal private secretary's house. Fortunately, he and his family slept over at his parent's place at Kg. Baru after the Raya celebration dinner. Were all these BTDs warning signs to the opposing political parties within UMNO itself? More of the politically motivated BTDs coming up in future posts.

Justice delayed is Justice denied . with Apain Soriun,SM SM Muthu,Michael Solibun

After Altantuya (19-10-06), there were many unresolved murders during the PM'ship of Najib. Kugan (20-01-09), Teoh Beng Hock (16-6-09), Aminulrasyid (26-4-10) and Ahmad Sarbani (6-4-11) were the more famous or rather infamous ones. Naturally, these murders which occurred before the illegal USD 700 million transfer into PM Najib's personal private account in late March 2013, could not be remotely connected to 1MDB.  Wait a minute. 1MDB (TIA) was formed in Feb 2009, even before Najib officially became PM in April 2009. Could these murders be "red herrings" designed to divert attention from the fast-tracked 1MDB scam and the money laundering activities in 2009 - 2011?

Kugan, an Indian was "murdered" under torture while in police custody. Teoh Beng Hock, a Chinese and a DAP (opposition) member was summoned to give his statement on "alleged corruption of a few thousands Rm". He was found dead the next morning at MACC building ("suicide" during MACC interrogation).

Aminulrasyid, an innocent Malay teenager, was "intentionally murdered with multiple police gun shots after a police car chase. Ahmad Sarbani was an honest, clean Custom Officer who was intentionally murdered (like Teoh Beng Hock, "suicide" during MACC interrogation) to take off the heat of MACC's Rm108 billion bust; supposedly a syndicate involved in the Rm108 billion tax evasion, money laundering and illegal outflows (all which Najib and 1MDB are guilty of).

Notice too, the innocent victims were all picked to extract the maximum public outrage and distraction. Check the external debt chalked up by Najib, since he took over the Finance Ministry in September 2008.

Unresolved Mafia-style public execution linked to the USD 700 mil question. 

Speaking of diversion, the hoax shooting of My_Watch Chairman (Sri Sanjeevan, recently awarded a Datukship from Pahang) on 27-7-13, was a red herring too. Remember the absurd number of hospital transfers, unnecessary delays in extracting that single bullet lodged in his rib cage, inconsistencies and 35 days of fake critical ICU-Coma?

It was all staged and designed to divert public attention from the real target shooting of Hussain Najadi (AmBank founder) on 29-7-13. Well, they obviously over-done the "staged dog-N-pony shows". We have received interesting "postmortem" evidence of that hoax shooting. More on that hoax shooting and My_Watch hoax NGO later.

Now, we can see why Najib is really, really worried about the USD 700 mil transfer. Not only was it illegal, it confirms what the Rakyat had accused NAJIB of, since May 2013. That PR really won GE13 but Najib stole it with the USD 700 million funding.

Remember the 505 black protests. If all the legal authoritative institutions (BNM, Parliament, PDRM, Military, Heads of states, Judiciary etc) continue to recognise Najib's legitimacy as a PM, then they have just admitted to the world, they support "stolen election, subverted democracy and an illegitimate PM".

Can they all condone the fraudulent activities of a siting PM? Or does PM stands for Prime Mastermind of the murders to cover up his fraudulent activities; including the illegal USD 700 million transfer into his personal account, in total defiance of the country's laws. Najib is a boldface liar for often asserting that no one including him, is above the law.

Nasi dah jadi bubur (the rice has turned into porridge) meaning it's over and too late. 

Nothing Najib can do now. Whatever spin, PR mogul like Lim Kok Wing or the recent Lester Melanyi video confession, all will have disastrous outcome just like the Nothing_2_Hide fiasco. You can only hide the truth for so long. 3 things that cannot be long hidden; the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.

Rafizi denies knowing Lester Melanyi Hafiz Marzukhi | AstroAwani Published July 16, 2015 15:47
KUALA LUMPUR: PKR vice president, Rafizi Ramli dismissed claims made by Barisan Nasional (BN) strategic communications director Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan that he had instructed Sarawak Report to defame Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak about 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

According to Rafizi, the expose made by Rahman about a police report linking him, Petaling Jaya Utara MP, Tony Pua, Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How, Kuching MP Chong Chieng Hen and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim were false.

"I have never known Lester Melanyi nor have I been in contact with him. The first time I knew about his existence was when Rahman revealed the contents of the police report.

"I have never given instructions to Sarawak Report or gave materials to be published by the portal.

"No contacts were made with Sarawak Report or talked to their editor Clare Rewscastle-Brown about 1MDB. Throughout my career, I have only worked together with the portal on the timber scandal in Sabah," said Rafizi in a statement.

On Wednesday, Abdul Rahman revealed the involvement of several opposition lawmakers in a video by an individual who claimed to be directly involved in falsifying facts in Sarawak Report articles.

Meanwhile, Rafizi, all things brought up about 1MDB were based on news reports from both in and outside the country as well as questions raised in Parliament.

"The police report made by Ramesh Rao Krishnan Naidu is a conspiracy to cover the 1MDB issue by giving it an image that it was conceived by the opposition.

"I am confident that this conspiracy would not work as the 1MDB issue is too big," added him.