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Najib, the Last PM of KM Malaysia?

(translated) - from mailbag.

Is Nazib going to be just a lame-duck PM waiting to be booted out after the MARA bribery scandals, 1MDB fiasco, MAS financial and airline crash tragedies, FGV sell-out and tens of yet-to-be unearthed murderous scandals?

Do not bet on the General Elections to boot him out.  GE-14 will be totally rigged.  Rm2.6 billion transferred to Nazib's account in AmBank just before GE-13 and the killing of Ambank founder for reporting it, are just the tip of the election fraud iceberg.

Nazib would not care by then, if he is labelled a fascist dictator or a hen-pecked PM. All he cared about, is to stay in power; rule with absolute power. He can then corrupt absolutely. There is nothing the zombie-slaves of Malaisia can do about it.  Mahathir will be gone by then, if not incapacitated.

Malaisia is a geopolitically prized asset. Nazib's Kabal Masters (KM) would do anything to keep it under their control and out of China's or Russia's reach.

Make no mistakes about it. Hitler was initially a Kabal asset too, like Nazib is. As we know, Nazib is too intellectually inert, too politically weak and too dependent on others for support. It is the Kabal who gave him the financial, political and conspiracy support. Without the Kabal support, Nazib would not have risen so fast politically. He would have been Malaisia's youngest PM if he had not faltered so badly.

Here is a short list of  accidents / tragedies that were premeditated to propel Nazib forward in his political path and to keep him in power at the peak.

Before becoming PM in April 2009
1993 Dec 11 - Highland Towers collapse, Musa Hitam's son home destroyed, whole family died to persuade Musa to retire from active politics.

2002 Nov 20 - Affin Bank Chairman's home destroyed, TS Ismail Omar was not in. His wife, children, maids and all at home died. TS Ismail Omar was an ardent Mahathir supporter.

2005 Jan 28 - Attempted murder of Karpal Singh by deliberate accident near his home. The tiger of Jelutong who often stood up for the oppressed and victims of injustice, was expected to be a formidable foe-lawyer. Could upset and derail Nazib's evil plans. He was Anwar's lead lawyer in his sodomy trials.

2006 Sep 28 - Sabah quake M4.5 Depth 10km at 23:11:35, distraction from Altantuya's harrasment at Razak Baginda's home since June 2006.

2006 Oct 19  - Altantuya was silenced and C4'ed by Nazib's bodyguards shortly after 23:00.

Contrary to disinformation disseminated by the Kabal's agents, Altantuya was a Kabal asset too. She was a reward to Nazib, as his mistress. She was in Paris and in many official foreign trips with Nazib, not as an interpreter for the Scorpene deals but as Nazib's travelling mistress. Razak Baginda (RB) took the rap for his boss (Nazib) by publicly admitting Altantuya was his mistress. RB's wife would not have stayed so steadfastly by RB, if Altantuya was really her mistress.

When the Kabal was sure Nazib would be PM, they designed a "strangle hold" on their puppet PM. Altantuya was promised $500,000 if the Scorpene deal went through. The Kabal paid for and arranged her trip to Malaisia to harass RB publicly for that pay-off.  She was carrying Nazib's baby, not RB's. Hence the necessity to blow her up to pieces. Otherwise, Nazib's chance at the PM throne would kaput.

Notice that Altantuya did not protest or harass Nazib directly. She was advised not to.  The Kabal was playing both sides of the snare game. That is to trap Nazib so tightly, he could not refuse to be complicit in the series of Malaisian jetliner crashes planned for, after Nazib became PM.

The Kabal supplied her all the critical information on the Scorpene bribery deal. The Kabal also advised Nazib to dispose Altantuya (in a gruesome manner) as a satanic sacrifice to ensure his PM throne. The more gruesome the better as Nazib would not be able to back out of any horrendous black deals (such as MH370 & MH17 mass murders) the Kabal had in store for Nazib.  

2008 Dec 08 - PM Badawi's principal private secretary house in Bt AntaraBangsa destroyed in a massive landslide. Badawi, persuaded by his son-in-law (SIL) was having second thoughts about resigning so soon. Maybe to stretch to mid term, to allow his SIL more time to build up his UMNO support while Badawi was still PM. As in Musa Hitam's case, Badawi opted out of active politics when his principal private secretary's house was completely destroyed. Thajuddeen and his family escaped certain death (as in Affin Bank Chairman's home in 2002), as they stayed in Kg. Baru after the Hari Raya celebration dinner.

Narrow escape for PPsec to PM Badawi 
Thajuddeen went out for dinner and then to his family home in Kampung Baru where his wife and children were waiting for him. “The maid was given the day off for the Hari Raya Haji celebrations. One of my children was not well, so we decided to spend the night in Kampung Baru. “When I was told of the incident, I rushed back to get the Prime Minister’s personal diary and other documents,” Thajuddeen told The Star.It was a lucky escape for him, his wife Datin Rashidah Ramli, who is the Foreign Ministry’s under-secretary for Inspectorate Division, and his three children. “There was no indication at all of a landslide. I have been staying there since 1996,” said Thajuddeen. Another resident, Zainal Abidin Bakar, who is the Foreign Ministry’s under-secretary for East Asia, said he was awakened by police siren at 3.30am.
After becoming PM from 2009 onwards.
2009 Jan 20 - Kugan, tortured death under police custody. High Court ruled IGP responsible.
2009 Jun 16  - Teoh Beng Hock "suicided /murdered" at MACC blg. 
2010 Apr 26  - Aminulrasyid shot by police dead 22 bullets, 1.10am.
2011 Apr 06  - Ahmad Sarbani "suicided /murdered" at MACC blg.
2013 Mar 15 - PI Bala "murdered by induced heart attack".
2013 Jun 06 -  Penang 2nd Bridge ramp collapsed killed 1 person.

2013 Jun 06 - Four Buddhist victims from Myanmar killed in instigated Muslim-Religious violence. To incite nation-wide racial-religious violence; hoping to invoke Martial Law rule to quell Anwar's Black 505 big-turned-out rallies protesting Nazib's massive GE13 election frauds.

2013 Jun 13 Penang UMNO building antenna collapsed killed 1 person. Like Hitler's Bundestag fire, Nazib wanted to use this as an excuse of sabotage by the Penang state government or opposition parties. But like many of the failed incitement to racial/religious/political/social injustice riots, Nazib's psyops infiltration - cyber intelligence subterfuge services were just not up to par, to achieve the desired results.

2013 Jul 29 Hussain Najadi, AmBank Founder shot in broad daylight in KL. Police immediately blamed on land dispute which was later found to be bullshit. Real reason had to do with illegal fund transfers to Nazib's private bank account at AmBank. On 28 July, Najadi filed a police report on Nazib's illegal fund transfers after BNM took no action on earlier notifications as required by law.

2014 Mar 08 - MH370 shot down w USN Laser weapon
2014 Mar 31 - Irene Fernandez died apparent "Heart Attack"
2014 Apr  17 - Karpal Singh "murdered" 1:10am km301.6 NS H'way.
2014 May 13 - Attempted murder, Anwar & Azizah, deliberate head-on collision.
2014 Jul 17   -  MH17 shot down w USN Laser weapon

2014 Dec 28 AQZ8501 shot down w USN Laser weapon.  Apparently to distract public attention on illegal funds transfer (2014 Dec 01  -  Feb 2015, SRC Intl → Gandingan → Ihsan Perdana trnasfer 42 million Rm to Nazib private personal account) and rising concern on 1MDB issues.

2015 Mar 03 Bank Negara allegedly discovered irregularities in Ambank's RM2 billion loan to 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), said PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli. He claimed that the issue led to the recent resignation of Ambank chief executive officer Ashok Ramamurthy and two other top ranking officials. Like the surviving family of Hussain Najadi, Ambank ex-CEO uprooted his family to move to safer Australia.

KM will not allow a peaceful transition, if they can help it
It is said that Rosmah Mansur (RM) would not allow him to resign. This is not entirely correct. It is the KM, not RM who would not allow Nazib to resign with a peaceful transition. It is in their interest to get more bang for their bucks. The more violent the political transition, the better it is for the Kabal.

Nazib should be wise enough to know who would be in the position to leak all those emails, bank details and behind the scene juicy details. A volatile market yields maximum returns. Expect a few more cycles of upheavals before Nazib is disposed of like Hosni Mubarak or in the extreme case, like Qaddafi in Libya. Nazib should also stop listening to his wife, Rosmah who is acting more in the interest of the KM than Nazib's.

While it is certain Nazib will end up dead (to take the Kabal's secrets to the grave), the choice is whether to be assassinated like a hero PM (as in JFK's case or Qaddafi) or like Marcos (induced medical conditions) during exile. Their spouses will be protected fro decades as they are still useful in nurturing the next generation of puppet leaders for the Kabal.

That's why Jackie Kennedy exited the glamorous ruling elite circle and forbade her children from running for political offices while she was alive. Imelda Marcos on the other hand, was and still is greedy for political powers. Just as she drove her husband to the presidency, she will press for political power through her sons. However, she is not making much headway nationally, as the present generation of Filipinos still remember the hardships brought upon them by President Marcos. Nazib can forget the path taken by Suharto. Suharto had 30 years to build the corrupt support to ensure he died out of jail, after stepping down as President of Indonesia.

History is full of examples.
All of the KM's puppet leaders have wives as their handlers cum planted moles, right to the bedroom. RM was often accused of being the PM. It sure looks that way with RM being Nazib's handler.

Nazib was told earlier on, to abandon his first wife for RM, if he wanted to be their Manchurian candidate. No 2 if's about it. It is a fact that Jackie Kennedy (Onasis) was not JFK's choice of wife. It was a precondition. When President JFK wanted out of Kabal's control and be his own President of the people of United States, they killed him. The fatal shot was in fact, from his wife, Jackie siting besides him. The assassination of his brother, Robert Kennedy, too was plotted by the Kabal. So was his son, decades later. They could not afford to let his brother or son avenge JFK's untimely death.

Laura Bush was President Bush's handler, as you can see from tens of video tapes of their interviews. They cannot allow this idiot president to spill the beans (their golden goose of deception ploys). Laura Bush always had to be beside his husband, to keep their mumbling idiot president from saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

Nazib is the eldest son of Malaisia's second PM Tun Razak. Like JFK, he has brothers in the line-up should Nazib fails in his puppetry performance. The Kabal is Nazib's backbone support. And the route to his rise in power, follow similar footsteps charted by the Kabal, for Adolf Hitler.

Nazib following the deceptive footsteps of Hitler's rise to power

First, they used deception and tragic accidents (eg Sabah Double 6, MH653, Highland Towers) to get rid of forerunners to the PM throne or to coerce potential candidates to drop off. That way, their designated Manchurian Candidate (in Malaisia's case, Nazib) would be next in line for the power grab.

Then they wickedly eliminate all obstacles to maintain their strangle hold on the nation, using the police, paramilitary and military. The Nazis had their powerful party thugs organisation known as the Brown Shirts which was 3 million strong at its peak and armed to the teeth. Under the Versailles treaty, Germany's military strength was seriously curtailed but not the Brown Shirts.

TREATY OF VERSAILLES (Germany's army limitation)  
The German army was to be limited to 100,000 men, and conscription proscribed; the treaty restricted the Navy to vessels under 100,000 tons, with a ban on the acquisition or maintenance of a submarine fleet.

After Hitler had consolidated power, he got rid of SA leader Ernst Rohm in 1934. Similarly, many who had helped Nazib to power but not in his Kabal Masters' circle like anti-Zionist Mahathir, IGP and many patriots in UMNO, will be eliminated.

How the "Holocaust" was the Khazar Zionist Banksters KZB.

High on the elimination list would be DSAI, Karpal Singh, LGE, LKS, Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh, Tony Pua, Rafizi etc, one obstacle at a time. We are currently at this stage. Launched on 308 (Mar 8, 2014) OPS Malaysia Hilang started off with MH370 MIA bang hours after Anwar's acquital was overturned and sentenced to 5 years jail. This can only happen when everything was preplanned. CNN had 2 weeks earlier conducted an unprecedented cockpit interview with the copilot of the ill-fated MH370 flight. CNN had created and published the story on MH370 MIA flight, hours before the plane had taken off from KLIA. Several forum discussions on the missing plane were online even before MAS declared the plane missing 7 hours late. All these point to the unmistakable fore-knowledge of the planned MH370 tragedy. The Kabal had very sinister geopolitical ulterior motives for this disaster like in 911. But as usual, Nazib's inexperienced bumbling minions could not deliver.

Historians find 'proof' that Nazis burnt Reichstag 
By Tony Paterson in Berlin12:00AM BST 15 Apr 2001 

They base their case on remarks by Adolf Rall, a thief and Nazi stormtrooper, whose body was found in woods near Berlin in November 1933. Rall is said to have told prosecutors of a meeting of the SA stormtroopers during which the SA leader, Karl Ernst, ordered them to enter the Reichstag through a tunnel and sprinkle flammable liquid inside.
Ernst is said to have told his men that an excuse was needed to begin attacking Communists. Hitler used the fire to justify the arrest and torture of 25,000 Left-wing activists and to pass an emergency decree establishing absolute Nazi authority.
According to the historians, a former stormtrooper working in the jail where Rall was serving a sentence, heard of his statement and tipped off the SA. Its leaders are then said to have arranged for the statements to be destroyed by accomplices in the prosecutors' office and for him to be murdered.

The Altantuya murder - Scorpene bribery scandal is also not as straight forward as Razak Baginda (Nazib's political analyst and close associate, initially accused of the murder) want the world to believe.

Will Altantuya’s Murderer Talk in Australia?

Nazib's hold on power will depend on how fast the fumbling pondan-dictator can get rid of his opponents in the opposition as well as within his own UMNO organisation.  Hitler accomplished this on 30th June 1934 with operation The Night of the Long Knives (NOTLK) operation. Exactly 17 months later, after becoming Germany's Chancellor on 30th January, 1933.

Of course, Nazib is no comparison to Adolf Hitler. After more than 6 years in office, Nazib is still nowhere entrenched as the country's supreme leader or dictator. He still has to rule by deception and lying.  Nazib's KM are actually getting impatient with weak Nazib's lack of totalitarian control and ruthlessness. Without totalitarian rule, many of the Kabal's schemes are open to questions and hence, limited in effectiveness and swiftness in implementation. The Kabal could not allow mega planned crashes like MH370, MH17 and QZ8501 to produce negative perception with no tangible results to their benefit.

Many in the Kabal circles are questioning whether they had made a mistake in their choice of  Nazib as their Malaisian Manchurian Candidate. No doubt, they already have a replacement ready in hand. Do not think the recent spate of incriminating leaks are anything but Kabal orchestrated moves. The Kabal too want Nazib out but they want Nazib to be forced out by his own Malaisian mob; just like in Eqypt or Libya. The last thing they want is a peaceful transition of power.

According to the original 1980 Kabal's master plan, Nazib was supposed to be DPM by 1986. This was the year Ku Li was instigated to challenge Mahathir. Nazib initially pledged his support for Ku Li. With Nazib's support in hand, Ku Li was certain he could garner more than enough votes to displace Mahathir (KM's arch enemy).  But with Musa Hitam, Rais Yatim and many UMNO big shots backing Ku Li, Nazib's chance of being appointed DPM in Ku Li's administration was next to zero.

So Nazib deviously switched support to Mahathir at the last minute, taking the Ku Li's team B by total surprise. Nazib had hoped Mahathir would be grateful enough to appoint him DPM. Although Mahathir could not quite get the right analysis, he was shrewd enough not to appoint Nazib DPM.  He chose the least likely Vice President to upstage him, while he continued consolidating his power base. He also had the foresight to draft Anwar Ibrahim into his fold. That frustrated Nazib even more.

(to be continued .......)

Note / update:
Disasters /events Nazib (with the assistance and support of Kabal Mafia) steered Malaisia or got rid of his opponents, both within and outside of  UMNO.  On deeper indepth study, it is obvious that 1MDB is a production rerun of earlier trials spanning from 1980 - 2008. Despite being in the midst of Malaisian political storms and carnage, Nazib always remained the last man standing. Despite their immense power and influence, the Kabal needs the "enemy from within" to deceptively overthrow patriotic political leaders. Nazib must be their mole, the "enemy from within".

Summary of critical events.

1969 May 13, Malaisia's worst racial riot instigated by UMNO. Primary objective, to force PM Tengku Abdul Rahman to step down, in favour of Tun Razak.

1970,  PM TAR stepped down, Tun Razak became PM. Tun Dr. Ismail DPM. Both Mahathir and Musa re-emitted to UMNO in 1971.

1971, PingPong diplomacy, Nixon went to China against his KM wishes. Watergate scandal erupted June 17, 1972 (setup by the Kabal) to force Nixon's impeachment. PM Razak took Nixon's visit as the signal and opportunity (against Kabal's wishes) to send a letter to Chou En-Lai which paved the way for Tun Razak's own historic visit to China in 1974.

1973, PM Razak appointed Mahathir Senator, rose quickly to UMNO Supreme Council in 1973.

1973 Aug , DPM Tun Dr. Ismail mysteriously and suddenly died of heart attack.

1974, Nazib Razak graduated and returned to Malaysia in 1974. Served briefly at Bank Negara (Central Bank). Then moved to Petronas (Malaysia's national oil company) Ku Li's protege. Ku Li was appointed Chairman CEO of Petronas by PM Tun Razak, Nazib's father.

1974 May 31, Tun Razak historic visit to China. Malaisia became the first ASEAN country to establish diplomatic relation with China.  Kabal did not like an independent Malaisia with an independent PM.

1975 Aug 04, AIA Building Hostage crisis by Japanese Red Army terrorists, one year after PM Tun Razak's diplomatic mission to China. Warning to Tun Razak which he did not heed. The Japanese Red Army terrorist organisation (like Al Qaeda and ISIS) were formed and sponsored by covert CIA operations.

1976 Jan 14, Tun Razak died (mysteriously) in office, less than 2 years after establishing diplomatic relation with China against the Kabal's wishes.

1976 June 6,  Sabah's Double 6 tragedy. To kill Ku Li and the Sabah Cabinet led by Tun Stephen Faud. To install Nazib as Petronas CEO after Ku Li's demise.  Accompanied by a series of quakes from July to Sept, 1976. Nazib was too young to know of Kabal's geopolitical intention and interests.

1977 Dec 04 MAS MH653 crashed at Tg Kupang. Among dead Cuban Ambassador, 2 World Bank officials from Washington, Agricultural Minister Ali Hj Ahmad, Pub Works Dept head Datop Mahfuz Khalid.  CNN blamed it on the Japanese Red Army terrorists (no evidence)

1981-1985 Maminco affair and the global tin market crash. To force Tun Hussein Onn to step down, to install Mahathir as PM. The Kabal then used it in an attempt to destroy Mahathir, after Mahathir turned staunch anti-Zionist when he realised he was caught in the Kabal trap. As a counter-attack, he initiated the British Last and Look-East policies.  

1982-1984 BMF scandal, siphoned off Rm 2.5 billion, implicated Musa Hitam and Ku Li, eliminated their chances at PM throne.

1986-1987  Ku Li (team B) vs Mahathir (team A) . If successful, overthrow anti-Zionist, anti-Kabal Mahathir, otherwise eliminate many of UMNO old guards in one scoop. Move Nazib up the political ladder.

1993 Dec 11,  Highland Towers collapse, Musa Hitam's son and family killed. A warning to Musa not to run in UMNO election, after he had successfully reconciled with Mahathir.

1997 Asian Financial Crisis. In Malaisia, to topple Mahathir by pitting his deputy (Anwar Ibrahim) against Mahathir, to install Nazib as PM after Mahathir and Anwar had destroyed each other.

Although the AFC did materialise, Mahathir was able to withstand the Kabal's onslaught and survived. Again Nazib had a secret deal to support Anwar against Mahathir. As in 1987, Nazib betrayed Anwar and switched support to Mahathir at the critical moment, in the hope that Mahathir would appoint Nazib as DPM. But Mahathir was smart enough not to fall for the trap again. He had no choice but to chose Badawi as his DPM and successor.  Kabal was frustrated with Nazib's failure to secure the DPM as 2001-911 date drew near. Mahathir would have signed his death warrant had he chosen Nazib as his DPM.

2000 Apr 23 Sipadan Kidnapping-hostage crisis (21 victims mostly westerners) by Abu Sayyaf. To convince Mahathir the need for Scorpene submarines, to set the stage for the rise of Muslim terrorists, to blame false flag  911 in 2001 on Muslim jihadists.

2002 June 05  Nazib as Defence Minister confirmed the Scorpene Submarine deal.

2002 Nov 20 Landslide (induced) destroyed only Affin Bank chairman bungalow, killing his family. This was to hasten Mahathir resignation as Gen (Rtd) Tan Sri Ismail Omar was a Mahathir supporter and recently retired Chief of Military. Also serve to warn Affin Bank chairman to support and serve Nazib's wishes in the future.

2006 Sept 28 A M4.5 quake was triggered at 23:11 (21 days before, same time as Altantuya murder) in Sabah. To demonstrate and convince Nazib that the Kabal had the weaponry (technology), expertise, experience, power and global network to induce seemingly natural disasters like quakes, droughts, landslides and floods, Titanic sinking, and airline crashes at will around the world. The Kabal do this for all their Manchurian Candidates, to ensure they toe the line, once they occupy the seat of power. They assassinate heads of States (like JFK in Nov 22, 1963) only as the last resort.

2006 Oct 19 Altantuya was shot and C4'ed by Nazib's bodyguards. The 64 million dollar question, who ordered. KM advised Nazib to order the killing, to protect his ascension to the PM throne, to keep the Scorpene Bribery scandal under cap. In reality this was a Kabal setup, to ensure Nazib remain subservient to his KM demands. The Kabal wanted to ensure Nazib would not turn against the Kabal once he became the PM. They had learnt their lessons from Mahathir and Putin.

2008 Dec 8, Massive landslide (induced) at Bukit Antarabangsa destroyed PM Badawi's principle private secretary home, to hasten and to press for Badawi's resignation. Although Badawi agreed to step down earlier, like Mahathir, he was persuaded by his supporters and SIL Khairy to remain as PM.

2009 June 16, Teoh Beng Hock was murdered while under interrogation by MACC. Served as a distraction from public outcry on Altantuya murder-Scorpene bribery scandal, as a warning to DAP not to push Nazib too far. This was also a critical period brewing the 1MDB-Petro Saudi deal. Billions of Rm was at stake.

2011 Apr 6,  Ahmad Sarbani (Custom Officer) murdered by MACC again. Objectives not clear yet.

2013 Feb 11, Lahad Datu stand off / military conflict ended 24 March 2013. General election ploy, just before GE13,  8 March 2013

2013 Jun 06, Four Buddhist victims from Myanmar killed in Muslim-Religious violence, instigated violence by Nazib controlled police to incite nation-wide racial-religious violence; hoping to invoke Martial Law rule to quell violence. Anwar black 505 rallies were in full force throughout the month of May, to force Nazib's illegal government out; stolen election.

2013 Jun 06, Penang 2nd Bridge ramp collapsed killing 1 person. 37th anniversary of Sabah Double 6 tragedy. To serve as a warning to Penang DAP-Pakatan state government.

2013 Jun 13, Penang UMNO building (antenna) collapse as a further clear warning.

2013 July 29, Hussain Najadi, AmBank Founder shot in broad daylight in KL. Police immediately blamed on land dispute which was later found to be bullshit. Real reason had to do with illegal fund transfer to Nazib's private bank account at AmBank.

2013 Nov 15, Taiwanese tourist kidnapped Pom Pom Island Sabah, ransom 10 million Rm.

2014 Apr 03, Chinese tourist abducted in diving resort, Sabah. Distraction from MH370, Karpal Singh Accident happened 14 days later.

(updated continuously)