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A God-sent Tsunami by an elderly of 93.

A God-sent Tsunami by an elderly of 93.
(Mahathir the hero who slayed the Najib-Hippo monstrosity)

There's no tsunami without "gempa bumi"
the tsunami we can see, the gempa bumi
we can feel, but cannot see

All Msians were praying hard for a tsunami
but God Almighty gave us, just an elderly of 93.

Najib & UMNO laughed spitefully with glee
BN's mighty tree,
could not be shaken by an elderly of 93

But a miracle of miracles, we did see
GE-14 swamped by a gigantic patriotic tsunami
A miracle tsunami, be passed on from generasi to generasi
A legend born, the tale of a miracle tsunami & gempa bumi

Deep in the heart of tanahair BUMI
A crack so deep and wide, no one could see
Deep in the heart of Malay Bumi
in the core of UMNO, there it was .... the gempa bumi

With fat hippo always on a global shopping spree
Jho Low robbing 1MDB to satisfy her ever growing greed
Najib had to sell everything, land & sovereignty to feed
the growing monstrosity of Najibnomics Kleptocracy

A country neglected & left to bleed,
turned to God in its hour of need.
A Malay tsunami swing is what we really need
when all seemed lost, in the face of Najib's power greed

God answered our Tsunami need, with an elderly of 93.

~ Manaboleh Malaysia, Manaf Beend (adapted from a poem in 2017)

Monday, January 30, 2017

S'pore state archive LKY - 2009 August 17 China, Malaysian Union & end of British Empire


The union with Malaysia was successful in breaking Communist
power in Singapore, essentially by diluting the political
influence of the largely ethnic Chinese Communists into a
larger polity including many more conservative Malay Muslim
voters. This made possible the political decapitation of the
Communists, which put an end to the great momentum that the
Communists in Singapore had enjoyed before that. There was a
real fear of China, and a reluctance to stand up to
China-backed Communism, in the region at that time. China’s
economy appeared to be growing very rapidly. In retrospect,
it was all a Potemkin Village, but at the time, people did
not realize that, Lee stated.

2009 August 17, 09:47 (Monday)
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1. (C) Summary: In a meeting with Minister Mentor (MM) Lee
Kuan Yew, Senator Bill Nelson stressed the importance of
cooperation between Singapore’s Internal Security Department
(ISD) and U.S. counterpart organizations to address common
threats in areas such as terrorism and proliferation. MM Lee
responded that the United States keeps the world safe; if
not, everyone else including Singapore will be in trouble.
MM Lee noted that he has met the U.S. Vice President and the
Secretary of State, but he has not yet had the opportunity to
meet the President. He said the Indonesians are making
important progress under President Yudhoyono, a decent man
leading a nation that is always difficult to govern. Even
two terms may not be long enough for Yudhoyono to ensure that
Indonesia stays on the right path in the long run. MM Lee
said Beijing knows that Singapore is the “undeclared ally” of
the United States, with longstanding bilateral cooperation
and the Strategic Framework Agreement. China has not yet
fully learned the lesson about the need to provide a
predictable environment for foreign investors, Lee noted.
End Summary.
Health of Lee’s Wife
2. (C) Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida), accompanied by Mrs.
Grace Nelson, the CDA (notetaker), and Legislative Assistant
Greta Lundeberg, met at the Istana on August 13 with Minister
Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, who was joined by Principal Private
Secretary Chee Hong Tat and MFA Americas Assistant Director
Jasmine Tan (notetaker). Mrs. Nelson extended her best
wishes for improvement in the health of MM Lee’s wife Kwa
Geok Choo. MM Lee expressed appreciation for the good
wishes. He said his wife’s medical condition remains poor
after three strokes. The fact that her cognitive facilities
remain intact in some ways makes things more difficult, he
3. (C) Visitors to MM Lee are currently asked to apply hand
sanitizer before shaking hand with him and Lee expressed
concern about H1N1, which he noted is not particularly lethal
but keeps mutating. He said dealing with challenges like
H1N1 is inevitable in the globalizing world in which we live,
in which diseases can spread around the world at the speed of
a fast aircraft.
U.S.-Singapore Relations
4. (C) Senator Nelson noted that he had met with Ambassador
to Washington Chan Heng Chee (who extended her visit to
Singapore so she could see the Senator) and with Internal
Security Department (ISD) Director Pang Kin Keong. The
Senator highlighted the importance of cooperation between ISD
and U.S. counterpart organizations to address common threats
in areas such as terrorism and proliferation. MM Lee
responded that the United States keeps the world safe; if
not, everyone else including Singapore will be in trouble.
5. (C) Senator Nelson expressed appreciation for Lee’s and
Singapore’s leadership in the region, support for the United
States, and contributions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The
Senator noted that the President, the Vice President, and the
Secretary of State are working hard to strengthen the
U.S.-Singapore partnership. Lee said Ambassador Chan has
briefed him on the Obama Administration’s leadership. He
noted that he has met the Vice President and the Secretary,
but he has not yet had the opportunity to meet the President,
although Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong did meet the
President (before his election) in the United States.
6. (C) Regarding Indonesia, MM Lee said the country is
making important progress under President Yudhoyono, a decent
man leading a nation that is always difficult to govern. He
is trying his best, but even two terms may not be long enough
for him to ensure that Indonesia stays on the right path in
SINGAPORE 00000773 002 OF 005
the long run. The challenge may pass to his successor.
Extreme Islamists remain influential in Indonesia and can
persuade politicians to make electoral promises that then
limit the scope of action the politicians can take once they
are in office. One extremist group is eliminated in
Indonesia, but another springs up, he commented.
7. (C) China has not yet fully learned the lesson about the
need to provide a predictable environment for foreign
investors, Lee noted. (Comment: This seemed to refer to
problems that foreign investors in China have faced including
the current Rio Tinto controversy. End Comment.) Senator
Nelson noted that dealing with China can be difficult. It
was even difficult to ensure that China met the Secret
Service’s security requirements for former President Bush
during the Beijing Olympics, he stated. MM Lee said at the
end of the day China will do what is necessary to ensure good
relations with the United States. Other countries, however,
may not get what they need from China. China took a hardline
approach with France over the Olympic Flame issue, with
Chinese citizens boycotting Carrefour stores. Beijing
basically ignored President Sarkozy’s threat not to attend
the Olympics, with Chinese officials simply observing “you
are here” when he showed up for the Games.
8. (C) Senator Nelson asked how China treats Singapore. MM
Lee said Beijing knows that Singapore is the “undeclared
ally” of the United States, with longstanding bilateral
cooperation and the Strategic Framework Agreement. China
knows that Singapore continues to send troops for training in
Taiwan. Beijing has asked Singapore to stop this and offered
training areas in Hainan. Lee told Chinese counterparts that
if Singapore forces go to Hainan for training, the Americans
will stop selling Singapore arms. He intended for the
Chinese to get the message that their arms are not equal to
American arms, he said. He added that he has told Beijing
that if Beijing is in charge of Taiwan, he will ask Beijing
for permission to train there.
9. (C) Lee said Deng Xiaoping visited Singapore in November,
1978. Vietnam had just invaded Cambodia. The Chinese
message was that the Russian bear was trying to use Vietnam
to establish a Cuba in the region. Lee told Deng that he and
his neighbors did not fear the Russian bear. Russia is far
away from Singapore. Meanwhile, China was supporting
insurgencies in Southeast Asia, providing arms and supporting
propaganda broadcasts. China needed to stop. Lee expected
push-back, but Deng considered the message and asked what Lee
wanted him to do. Lee said just stop. Deng said he needed
time and, in about a year, he had basically stopped the arms
flows and the broadcasts, Lee stated.
10. (C) According to Lee, on the economic side, Deng saw
that Singapore was running a fair and egalitarian society,
but one in which capitalist multinational corporations were
playing a major role in job creation. Under the British,
Singapore had been a nation of traders rather than engineers
or manufacturers. Singapore had learned how to develop these
skills and attract American, Japanese and European
investment. Singapore’s Small and Medium Enterprises were
supplying them. Under Deng, China shifted from calling
Singaporeans “lackeys” and “running dogs” to calling
Singapore a “garden city” and urging Chinese to learn from
Singapore. After Deng’s Singapore trip, China began opening
Special Economic Zones. Some Chinese leftists like Chen Yun
opposed this, saying the shift was a retreat from Communism
and Socialism and the Party would lose control. In 1992,
when Deng’s policies again came under attack from leftists,
Deng made his famous trip to South China and again urged
Chinese to learn from Singapore.
11. (C) Lee said at that time the Chinese were sending
people to Singapore and they were videotaping what they saw,
but there were real limits to what could be accomplished in
this manner, as Lee told Deng’s son Deng Pufang. Lee
therefore pushed for establishment of the China-Singapore
Industrial Park in Suzhou, near Shanghai. Lee sought to work
with Premier Zhu Rongji on the project, but President Jiang
Zemin insisted that Singapore work instead with Vice Premier
Li Lanqing, whom Jiang trusted more than Zhu. Lee returned
to Suzhou in May 2009 to mark the 15th anniversary of the
SINGAPORE 00000773 003 OF 005
industrial park. Vice Premier Wang Qishan represented the
Chinese side. Through projects like this, Singapore has
built a strong reputation for urban management in China, but
Singapore still comes under pressure from Beijing on issues
like Taiwan, Lee said.
12. (C) Senator Nelson praised MM Lee’s efforts to support
China’s opening up over the years. MM Lee said President
George H.W. Bush played a key role by supporting China’s
entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO). Many in China
were skeptical about joining the WTO, but Zhu Rongji
persuaded Jiang Zemin that WTO entry, and the associated
pressure to comply with WTO rules, would be vital over the
long term to the process of ensuring that China prospers and
changes. Senator Nelson noted that economic integration
seems to have promoted improved ties between Beijing and
Taipei. Lee said former leaders in Taiwan, like President
Lee Teng-hui and President Chen Shui-bian, had miscalculated
and pushed for independence. Instead, they should have used
their economic leverage to build better ties with Beijing.
President Ma Ying-jeou understands this, but Taiwan does not
have the economic leverage it once had relative to Beijing,
Lee stated.
Lee’s Experience Under Japanese Occupation
13. (C) Senator Nelson asked MM Lee about his experience in
World War II during the Japanese occupation of Singapore. MM
Lee said he was lucky to escape being massacred. Ethnic
Chinese in Singapore had been active in raising relief funds
for China and Chiang Kai Shek, so when the Japanese occupiers
arrived they demanded that Singapore’s ethnic Chinese
business community raise $200 million for Japan, or else.
The Singaporeans failed to raise the money, so the Japanese
detained 50-100 thousand ethnic Chinese men in Singapore,
including Lee. There was no real pattern to it; the detained
men were just people who seemed like they might be
anti-Japanese or guerrilla fighters. Lee was ordered to get
into a truck with others, but he had an intuition that
getting into the truck would be a mistake so he got
permission to go get clothes and used the opportunity to slip
away for three or four days. He was then able to blend back
into the population. Those who had boarded the trucks ended
up machine gunned to death on the beach. The Japanese were
brutal and cruel, using intimidation and collective
punishment to terrorize the population into submission, he
14. (C) MM Lee said Singapore was occupied for three and a
half years. Although Japan surrendered on August 6, 1954,
the British were unable to accept the surrender in Singapore
until September. In the interim, the Japanese were defeated
but in charge, beating up anyone who celebrated their defeat.
Some Japanese committed suicide. They were brainwashed to
believe they were the chosen people of the Moon Goddess. If
they lost, they brought shame on their country and their
race. During the occupation, Lee and others in Singapore had
to bow deeply in the direction of Tokyo and the Emperor three
times a day on Imperial Rescript Day. It was therefore
surreal for Lee, years later in the 1960s when he was PM of
Singapore, to meet the Emperor over lunch. Senator Nelson
asked Lee if he said anything to the Emperor about the
occupation. Lee said he felt he could not in the context of
the lunch meeting. The Emperor murmured something about
regrettable events, he stated.
Lee on Singapore’s Union with Malaysia
15. (C) Senator Nelson asked MM Lee about his experience
from 1963-65, first leading Singapore into union with
Malaysia in order to break the power of the Communists in
Singapore, then leading an independent Singapore following
the breakup on the union with Malaysia. Lee noted that
during the period of British rule, Singapore had been the
seat of empire for a broad area that included Malaysia,
Singapore, North Borneo including Brunei, the Cocos Islands,
and Christmas Island. After World War II, the British knew
they could not hold onto India and Pakistan and they soon
realized they could not hold Peninsular Malaysia, which they
granted independence, while keeping Singapore. As it became
clear that Britain could not retain Singapore either, Lee
pushed for union with Malaysia.
SINGAPORE 00000773 004 OF 005
16. (C) Lee said that the Tunku, then the leader of
Malaysia, did not want Singapore, which would bring with it
all the complications of a largely ethnic Chinese city, but
the Tunku was persuaded when the British added East Malaysia
as a kind of dowry to the Tunku for taking Singapore. The
union with Malaysia was successful in breaking Communist
power in Singapore, essentially by diluting the political
influence of the largely ethnic Chinese Communists into a
larger polity including many more conservative Malay Muslim
voters. This made possible the political decapitation of the
Communists, which put an end to the great momentum that the
Communists in Singapore had enjoyed before that. There was a
real fear of China, and a reluctance to stand up to
China-backed Communism, in the region at that time. China’s
economy appeared to be growing very rapidly. In retrospect,
it was all a Potemkin Village, but at the time, people did
not realize that, Lee stated.
17. (C) Lee said that the breakup of the union with Malaysia
began when his People’s Action Party (PAP) tried to get
Malays in Malaysia to join the PAP. Lee argued that all
citizens have equal rights, but the Tunku took the view that
Malays must rule Malaysia. In 1964, there were race riots in
Singapore, which were engineered by the Malaysians to
intimidate the Singaporeans, as similar riots had intimidated
the people in Penang. Lee responded by organizing a
solidarity conference. If there were going to be riots in
Singapore, there would be riots in Malaysia. At that point,
the Tunku told Lee to “get out,” Lee stated.
Lee on Building an Independent Singapore
18. (C) Lee said building up an independent Singapore
outside Malaysia was a huge challenge, but he had one
critical advantage: he had won the trust of the people of
Singapore. In earlier years, the Communists had taunted Lee
as a soft, English-speaking, UK-educated lawyer who slept in
air-conditioned rooms. Lee and his colleagues had shown
their character by fighting the Communists, then by standing
up to the Malaysians, even though the Malaysians controlled
the police and the army. After 1965, they needed to ensure
that Singapore was more productive and better organized than
its resource-rich neighbors. Singapore had a strategic
location and an infrastructure inherited from the British.
To make use of these advantages, it needed to rebuild
relations between labor and management. It needed to provide
jobs, food and shelter for a population, at the time, of two
million, he commented.
19. (C) According to Lee, the critical thing was to create
stability and confidence for investors, who want their people
in Singapore and their families to enjoy security, health
care, and educational opportunities. There can be no
changing of the rules in the middle of the game. Even during
the 1973 oil crisis, Singapore honored its commitments.
Jumping ahead to the current day, Exxon Mobile is proceeding
with a USD 4.5 billion cracker plant on Singapore’s Jurong
Island, despite all the uncertainties in the global economy.
This is because they anticipate expanded demand in China and
India and they have confidence in Singapore’s investment
Lee on Norman Rockwell’s “The Golden Rule” Painting
20. (C) As the meeting concluded, Senator Nelson presented
PM Lee with a copy of a Norman Rockwell “The Golden Rule”
painting, representing the unity of the people of the world.
The Senator noted that when he had the opportunity to go into
space on the Space Shuttle 23 years ago he had developed a
new appreciation for the oneness of the people of the planet.
Lee said that is not the way the Russians see it. Senator
Nelson noted that, despite U.S.-Russia disagreements, the two
countries have been cooperating in space since 1975. Lee
said perhaps President Medvedev sees things that way, but not
PM Putin, who is still calling the shots. Lee added that
many extremists in the Islamic world also reject the idea of
the essential oneness of the world’s people.
21. (U) Senator Nelson cleared this message.
Visit Embassy Singapore’s Classified website:
SINGAPORE 00000773 005 OF 005 ex.cfm

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Debunking Najib's latest attack on Dr Mahathir - the BMF shit hits back at Najib's Mentor Kuli's face.

- by ManaBolehMalaysia. 25 Jan 2017.

The latest Najib's attack on 91yo Dr. Tun Mahathir is another confirmation that Najib's camp is running out of money, ideas and strategy, in outsmarting Dr. Tun Mahathir. In trying to pin the $1 billion BMF scandal on Dr Tun Mahathir, Najib had overlooked many conspiracy facts.

By now, we are all too familiar with Najib's cowardice and "Blame-it-on-his-enemies" (BIOHE) responsibility.

But this time, having run out of issues or scandals to exploit, Najib chose one "too-close-to-his-arse" scandal to pin the blame on Mahathir. Now, the shit will hit back at Najib and his first mentor and remaining bastille of support in UMNO, Tengku Razaleigh (Kuli).

Yes, the 1980's $1 billion (RM2.7 billion then) BMF scandal was exposed when Mahathir was the PM (from July 1981 - Oct 2003). But Mahathir could not have been the big shot politician (as CIA had implicated)  who "stole" from the funds, or bribed blind by the Carrian Group or even in cahoot with the 3 Hong Kong property speculators by giving bad loans to them. The brewing problems started well before 1979 when Kuli was the Finance Minister and before 1976, Bank Bumi chairman.

These are the hard-core facts.
Tun Razak, Malaysia's 2nd PM SUDDENLY recalled Najib Razak (his eldest son) back to Malaysia in 1974. Najib was still studying at Nottingham University in UK. Born on 23 July, 1953, young Najib was just 21yo. Chances were, Najib did not complete his first degree studies although the PMO website stated Najib graduated with B.E  (Bachelor of Economics) University of Nottingham. But we know Najib lies all the time, don't we?

The reason for the sudden recall was because Tun Razak had been diagnosed with leukemia. Tun Razak knew he would not live long as his faithful and able DPM Tun Dr. Ismail, had also died suddenly of a "purported" heart attack months earlier. There is more on the conspiracy involving the untimely deaths of PM Tun Razak (14 Jan 1976) and his DPM Tun Ismail (2 Aug 1973) but we will reserve them for future articles.

Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn (3rd PM) had planned for Najib to be the 4th PM of Malaysia. There was no time for Najib to complete his first degree. Najib had to be fast-tracked in learning the ropes of Malaysian politics to be the 4th PM  (not Mahathir).  This was to keep the PM line of succession within the Razak-Onn-Omar family dynasty.  Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn married the two daughters of Tan Sri Noah Omar.  PM Najib and the current Defence Minister, Hishamuddin, are cousins. 

On his return to Malaysia, Najib immediately entered the business world, serving briefly in Bank Negara (Central Bank) and later with Petronas (Malaysia's national oil company) as a public affairs manager.  Young Najib apprenticed under Kuli who was highly respected by Tun Razak.

Kuli who was appointed by the then PM Tun Razak as the Chairman CEO of Petronas, was also credited with the expansion and transformation of Bank Bumiputra Bhd, as its chairman shortly after Tun Razak became the 2nd PM, following the 13 May, 1969 racial riot-coup.    

On 6 September 1974, Malaysia's then prime minister, Tun Abdul Razak, announced the appointment of Razaleigh as chairman and Chief Executive of PETRONAS (Petroliam Nasional Berhad). Tun Razak said: "From among the new blood, I intended to bring Tengku Razaleigh into the Cabinet. However, I have an important job for him, a job as important as that of a Cabinet Minister. I have decided to appoint him as chairman and Chief Executive of PETRONAS, which is equivalent to being a Cabinet Minister.".[25] Subsequently, Razaleigh had to relinquish his job as Chairman of PERNAS which he held from 1970, but retained the chairmanship of Bank Bumiputra.

Bank Bumiputra Malaysia Berhad was formally launched by Tun Abdul Razak on 1 October 1965 with authorised capital of RM25 million, instead of RM5 million announced earlier.[18] The senior management was headed by Mohd Raslan bin Dato' Abdullah (managing director), former Accountant General of Government and Tengku Razaleigh (Executive Director). The other board members are S.O.K. Ubaidulla (President of United Chamber of Commerce), L.E Osman (a lawyer), K. Mushir Ariff (an incorporated valuer), Wan Yahya bin Haji Mohamad (a businessman from Terengganu), K.D. Eu (a company director, and Kuok Hock Nian (a company director). The general manager of the Bank was Wong Aun Pui, a prominent local banker with 20 years of experience and director of many rubber and palm oil companies.[19]
On 15 Jan, 1976 Hussein Onn became PM, officially; till 16 July 1981 when he retired due to ill-health. In the cabinet reshuffle, in the following month, Tengku Razaleigh was appointed Finance Minister (FM). Najib Razak elected MP for Pekan in the same month and was immediately appointed by Hussein Onn as the Deputy Minister Energy & Telcom at the age of 22+ (the youngest cabinet minister in history).

From 1978-81, Mahathir  was the Minister for Trade & Industry and was reputed to be the most hardworking member of the cabinet. As the DPM, Mahathir should have been given a more important portfolio at home in Malaysia rather than doing his duties overseas.  Hussein Onn and Mahathir did not see eye to eye. While Kuli was Tun Razak's blue-eye boy, family interests come first. Razak and Hussein Onn were fearful that if Kuli was appointed DPM, the line-of-PM succession would swing to the Kelantanese royal family. Najib might never get to be the 5th PM.

Mahathir was selected to be Hussein's deputy, because Mahathir was considered an outsider (not of royal or Malay elite bloodline) with no hope of establishing his own family dynasty. Hussein also made Mahathir promised that he would selected Najib as his deputy when he became the PM. Mahathir bin Mohamad succeeded Hussein Onn as Prime Minister of Malaysia on 1 July 1981.

But Mahathir broke tradition by allowing the race for the DPM position to be openly contested. Najib being too young and too raw, was not even in the race. Mahathir, out of respect for Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn, appointed Najib as the Mentri Besar (chief minister) of Pahang to save Najib's political career. It was a fine balancing act for PM Mahathir in his first term of office. To appoint Najib as his DPM would be political suicide for Mahathir then. Tun Hussein showed his displeasure by resigning from UMNO during Mahathir's presidency. 

Kuli continued to be FM until 1984, when he was demoted to the Ministry of Trade and Industry under PM Mahathir. Being the Finance Minister and previous Chairman of Bank Bumiputra, Kuli was held responsible for the BMF fiasco. In fact, all the bank executives implicated the BMF scandal were proteges of Kuli. There was intense pressure for Mahathir to sack Kuli but Mahathir resisted. Sacking Kuli would be like chopping off one of UMNO's pillar of support to spite Tun Razak. Kuli was Tun Razak's blue-eye boy and was responsible for many of Tun Razak's pet bumiputra projects.

The CIA report said many businessmen and bankers had believed that the Government had used "the accused BMF officials as scapegoats to avoid implicating senior government officials”. 
The US$1bil (RM2.7bil at that time) scandal involved bad loans to three Hong Kong property speculators, including the Carrian Investment Group, during the then British colony's property boom between 1979 and 1983. 
The scandal had a sinister twist when BMF auditor Jalil Ibrahim, who was sent to investigate the bad loans, was murdered in Hong Kong. 
The CIA claimed that Dr Mahathir had admitted that BMF's "lending practices were imprudent and pledged action if management malpractices were uncovered".

It added that Dr Mahathir had also downplayed the bank's culpability and that the Government's strategy in addressing the issue was to "contain the problem while looking for the best way to bail out Bank Bumi".

Friday, November 18, 2016

BERSIH 5 Updates - Najib, you are MO1 and You Are Fired


Malaysia's 911 defining moment on 19-11 this Nov, 2016

Malaysia's 911 defining moment on 19-11 (Nov), 2016.
~ Malaysia Mana Boleh

To all peace-freedom loving people of the world, Malaysians of all ages, creed and races, will be marching peacefully to demand a free and fair election for all Malaysians. We are encouraged by the landslide victories of President-elect Trump and BREXIT. We, in Malaysia, have followed and prayed for your hard earned success, against all odds, against all obstacles laid in your path by the unfair-biased pro-establishment media. On 19-11 (Nov), it will be our turn to march against the tyrannical establishment or more precisely, the pseudo-democrat aka demon_ratz, PM Najib Razak. "Undur Najib" (Najib Resign) will be ringing throughout Malaysia on this day. Malaysians and friends of Malaysia, will be chanting and displaying "Bersih 5, Undur Najib" in all the major cities of the world. Please pray for us to succeed in Bersih 5.

In Malaysia, we face additional hurdles from a badly, wounded but still strong tyrant, PM Najib Razak (son of Malaysia's 2nd PM). His political coalition (BN) led by his own political party UMNO, had been in power since Malaysia's Independence in 1957. 

As Lord Aton said, "Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely." 

In power for 59 years, the whole system has become totally rigged and corrupt to the core. The rigged system is to ensure the corrupt PM continues his tyrannical and bankrupt (morally and financially) regime indefinitely. The only thing democratic about Malaysia is the word "Democracy" written in its constitution; a farewell gift by the British government.
PM Najib has often claimed we have had fair and democratic elections and the "rule of Law". Nothing is further than the truth. How can one have a democratic governance with the rule of law, when the head of the executive branch of the nation (the PM) is constantly embroiled and implicated in a never-ending string of mega scandals. Any responsible Head of State (HOS) tainted by any one of his scandals would have long lost his job. But not this, shameless, irresponsible, silver-spoon-fed crooked PM.

Despite massive protests from all quarters, PM Najib never dare to step down for independent investigations into his misdemeanors. His insistence to remain in power, speaks volume of his guilt in all the crimes he had been accused of. The most famous of which is the 1MDB money-laundering, debt ponzi scheme. 1MDB was Najib's brainchild and at the last count, it had chalked up more than 50 billion RM in debt. 

Other major scandals include the billion dollar Scorpene Submarine Corruption in which Najib's alleged Mongolian mistress (Altantuya) who was pregnant with Najib's child, was brutally murdered and blown to smithereens. In another scandal, DPP Kelvin Morais, was kidnapped during morning rush-hour in Kuala Lumpur on 4 Sept, 2015. Two weeks later on 16 Sept, a "suspect" let the police to recover Kelvin's corpse in a cemented oil drum which was fished out from a swamp. A straight-forward murder case? NO.

Not when it involved Najib and the collusion of corrupt authorities. As in all unresolved murders without apparent motive and where Najib had been the beneficiary party, the murder plots were intentionally mystified and obfuscated to pin the blame superficially on some innocent party/parties. 

MH370-MH17 airline crash tragedies bear all the hallmarks of a poorly executed inside job.

MH370 was a clandestine Malaysian-US's false flag operation, originally scheduled to spark WWIII in 2013. MH370 (8 March, China) wasn't the only false flag planned for the 2014 MAS crashing season. MH192 (20 April, India), MH17 (17 July, Russia), MH004 (21 July, Syria), MH198 (13 Sept, India) were the star false flag events. Together with other supporting diversionary events, the 7 month period from March to September, 2014, has to be Malaysia's most tragic period in the nation's history.

China was to be blamed for the missing MH370 with the "planted story" that the MAS plane was hijacked by Iranian agents and landed at China's newly built airport at Fiery Cross Reef, South China Sea. This planted story never made it to the press due to a multitude of "stage fright" blunders by the first timer Malaysian crisis-actors which included PM Najib, Transport & Defence Minister, Hishammuddin (Najib's close cousin), MAS CEO, IGP Khalid, military chiefs and several others. To continue with that planted narrative, would have exposed the whole plot. Hence, a staged crash site was quickly made up and fed to the public. Two years later, all the investigators are still scratching their "balls" since all the planted evidence lead to nowhere but insanity.  

False Flag MH370 was to frustrate President Xi Jin Ping's first state visit to Malaysia on 3 Oct 2013. It was also aimed to sabotage and strain China-Malaysia relationship.

China and Malaysia agreed on Friday to elevate bilateral ties to a "comprehensive strategic partnership", aiming to boost military cooperation and nearly triple two-way trade to $160 billion by 2017. President Xi Jinping and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak spoke soon after U.S. President Barack Obama canceled a week-long tour of four Asian nations, including Malaysia, due to the U.S. government shutdown.
The false flag however, had to be aborted due to US Navy Central Command's intensified investigation into the Navy's Far East Command corruption scandal in mid 2013. On 16 Sept 2013, the feds arrested former Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent John Beliveau in Washington, D.C. It also nabbed Navy Cmdr. Michael Misiewicz at his home at Colorado Springs. Both men had helped Francis defraud the Navy for years. Francis landed in San Diego later that day and agents apprehended him
The man who seduced the 7th Fleet
For months, a small team of U.S. Navy investigators and federal prosecutors secretly devised options for a high-stakes international manhunt. Could the target be snatched from his home base in Asia and rendered to the United States? Or held captive aboard an American warship? Making the challenge even tougher was the fact that the man was a master of espionage. 
His moles had burrowed deep into the Navy hierarchy to leak him a stream of military secrets, thwarting previous efforts to bring him to justice. The target was not a terrorist, nor a spy for a foreign power, nor the kingpin of a drug cartel. But rather a 350-pound defense contractor nicknamed Fat Leonard, who had befriended a generation of Navy leaders with cigars and liquor whenever they made port calls in Asia. 
Leonard Glenn Francis was legendary on the high seas for his charm and his appetite for excess. For years, the Singapore-based businessman had showered Navy officers with gifts, epicurean dinners, prostitutes and, if necessary, cash bribes so they would look the other way while he swindled the Navy to refuel and resupply its ships. massive U.S. Navy scandal involving an East-Asia Pacific ship supply contractor and its convicted chief executive has now reached up into the admiral’s ranks. And the probe is far from over. Three admirals were censured this month by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, effectively ending their careers, in the wake of the Glenn Defense Marine Asia “bribes-for-business” scandal. The scandal, primarily involving the U.S. Seventh Fleet, has spread like an oil stain through the admiral’s ranks. Defense News quotes defense officials as saying as many as three dozen admirals are under a federal probe for their role in a Singapore-headquartered ship “husbanding” corporation.

The MH370 false flag was delayed till 8 March (3/08) 2014, the 6th anniversary of the opposition unprecedented 5 states victory in GE12. Guess what? If the "fairy tale Saudi Prince 2.6 billion donation" seems too incredible, then the truth may be more palatable to your commonsense, even if it seems equally incredulous.

The US$ 681 million was actually stolen from 1MDB, laundered to Tanore Finance, Virgin Islands and then transferred back into PM Najib's private AmIslamic bank account (a/n 2112022009694) on 21 and 25 March 2013 through Falcon Private Bank Spore. Jho Low was the man behind the money laundering operation. But the international banksters had to be complicit in Jho Low's international money laundering operations on such a massive scale.

In the scripted plot, flight MH370 (KUL-Beijing) was to be completely vaporised (by a US Navy secret Laser weapon) as soon as the captain / co-pilot switched off from Malaysian Air traffic control to enter Vietnamese air space. The US navy fleet (on the pretext of conducting war drills) had to be ready to scoop up whatever debris that had failed to be vaporised in the 36 hours "mopping-up" operation that followed the disaster. 80-90% of the plane including the contents and passengers were expected to be vaporised, leaving 10-20% debris to be mopped up by the US Naval vessels which had been on stand-by. But leaked jet fuel would have been impossible to vaporise. Why? Because as soon as the structural integrity of the plane was weakened, jet fuel would start leaking. That is why there were kilometres of jet fuel oil slicks observed from the air, in the days after MH370 was vaporised.

No wonder, oil slicks washed up at many parts of coastal Thailand but the authorities paid no heed.
9 April 2014 Real Vs Staged Crash Scene, Credible Vs Incredulous evidence

Even 10-20% of the plane debris would span over a large area. Mopping up would be an impossible feat not unless, the secret naval drill operation was ready and waiting at the designated intercept location. There has to be a very-top level coordination between planted moles in MAS airline, Royal Malaysian Air Force, Transport Ministry and the US Naval Drill Command in the South China Sea. That is the only reason why MAS had to delay by more than 7 hours after MAS knew of the MIA incident.

For more on the airline crash truth (MH370 & MH17) see the following links.

12 March 2014 All the bullshit still doesn't add up 3 days after the MH370 crash
19 July 2014 MH17 - a false flag inside job to falsely accuse Putin & Russia.

Why is Bersih 5 march on 19-11 important?

Every legal avenue has been blocked by his appointed lackeys; from Attorney General, Judiary, Parliament Speakers, PAC (Public Accountability Committee) chairman, IGP (Inspector General of Police), Director of MACC (Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission) to practically all the top officers of the government. Millions of frustrated Malaysians have no other choice but to protest with massive street rallies, to demand transparency, accountability and true democracy. We want our voices to be heard through a fair and clean democratic process. 
Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the Bersih 5 rally is the last avenue for the rakyat to express their discontent on the state of the country.
“Not only is it (Bersih 5 rally) not illegal, it has become important because other avenues have been blocked by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak,” Mahathir said in a two-part video circulated on social media.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Demise of Najib-Rosmah's Reign of Financial Gluttony, is sooner than you think

God's answers to our prayers, hasten by high speed internet? Gforce. Najib's final insult to God in "Allah's Chosen 1" lie Dear God,
I know our prayers to you, used to take a very long time to be answered. For instance, our prayers for the evil dictator Marcos (Philippines), to be disposed took 21 bloody long years. He was disposed on Feb 25 (225), 1986 (6) following the evil Kabal_orchestrated 1986 Oil Crash. By the way, Marcos was a 911 child. Born on Sept 11, 1917 (911,9 or 2). Marcos came to power on Dec 30, 1965 (123, 3).

Our prayers for the evil dictator Suharto (Indonesia), to be disposed took 33 bloody long years. He was disposed on May 22 (522) 1998 (9), following the Zionist-Kabal orchestrated 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. Suharto was born on 8 June, 1921 (a "9" child). Suharto officially came to power on 12 March, 1967 (12-3, 5 or "2"). But he was the defacto power behind President Soekarnoe's house arrest since the military coup on 1 Oct 1965 (2, 3 or 5).
Both Marcos and Suharto were American puppets installed and propped up by the evil Zionist-Kabal regime in the US. But those were the days of "slow mail" where 512 kb/s were considered top speed internet connection using the then "state of the art" Intel 486 CPUs. We are now in the age of high speed internet using 4G technology. Broadband speed of <10 Mb/s are now considered slow-speed dinosaurs with fibre-optics offering internet connection speed in excess of 1Gb/s, available in most advanced countries. Dear Lord, the point I am trying to make, is this. In this age of satellite communications, shouldn't our prayers be answered in double quick time, in tandem with the higher internet speed through cyber space? Dear Lord, please don't get me wrong. I am not doubting the efficiency of your administration. In the past, prayers probably took ages to reach you. But now, a shooting incident or disaster in any part of the world reaches half way round the globe in a matter of minutes. Shouldn't our prayers be answered in double quick time, too? Justice or karma appear to be meted out at a faster rate, too. For instance, 26 crooked bankers were incarcerated in Iceland in 2015. Just 7 short years after these crooked bankers had defrauded and bankrupted Iceland in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Now Ireland are following suit, as shown in this recent article.
Ireland begins arresting top bankers responsible for 2008 crash 
Posted on July 29, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai
Ireland are following in Iceland’s footsteps by jailing its top bankers responsible for the 2008 financial crash. Following from last year’s mass incarceration of 26 bankers in Iceland, Ireland is going to prosecute the 2005-2008 CEO of Anglo Irish Bank, David Drumm, on 33 criminal charges. reports:
These include two charges of conspiracy to defraud and false accounting relating to €7.2 billion in deposits placed in Anglo Irish Bank accounts by the then Irish Life and Permanent, between March and September 2008. 
16 of the 33 charges relate to unlawfully authorizing billions in loans (to be invested back into Anglo Irish Bank) to 16 wealthy investors, in a bid to artificially prop up Anglo Irish Bank’s share price before its December 2008 collapse. Each of the 33 offenses carries a 5 or 10 year jail term, except for a single count of conspiracy to defraud, which has a maximum penalty of an “unlimited term of imprisonment” under Irish law. 
According to Cape Cod Times, Anglo Irish Bank was nationalized in January 2009, but the financial crisis before and after the nationalization destroyed Ireland’s economy, with taxpayers forced to shoulder costs of $32 billion to cover bad debt and repay investors. The collapse of its economy forced Ireland to take EU and IMF bailout packages worth up to £77 billion in November 2010.
Dear Lord, coming back to our prayers. We sincerely request you look into the 1MDB financial scandal messed up by our PM, Najib Razak and his wife, Rosmah Mansur (also known as IMM or Imelda Marcos of Malaysia). Najib Razak rose to power as Deputy PM (the defacto power behind the sleeping PM Badawi) following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. The 1MDB financial con job started, as soon as the then DPM Najib forced PM Badawi to hand over the Financial Ministry to him on 1 October 2008 (2,10). First he robbed the country by redeeming all foreign debts (>25 billion RM) and sending the proceeds to his Zionist-Kabal masters. Obviously, 25 billion RM wasn't enough to plug the Zionist-Kabal losses of over 800 billion USD incurred by their cronies in the 2008 crisis. Najib then, through a series of financial scams, in cahoot with the central bank of Malaysia; (Bank Negara Malaysia was under the then Bank Governor, Tan Sri Zeti) and the Finance Ministry, chalked up almost 400 billion RM to help his Zionist-Kabal masters. Pay back time for helping Najib to secure the PM throne. Most central banks including BNM, are controlled by the Zionist Kabal banksters, if you didn't already know. Of course, Najib's daylight robberies did not stop there. The financial daylight robberies continued till 2014 and beyond. By 2014, Malaysia's external debt rose to 744 billion RM. Almost 3,000% since PM Badawi passed the Financial Ministry (piggy bank) to DPM Najib.
Is Najib's 1MDB debt of over 52 billion RM, part of this financial daylight robbery or, in addition to the 769 billion RM already stolen by PM Najib Razak? Nobody is willing to answer. Who can blame them whistle-blowers? Altantuya, PI Bala, Karpal Singh, Irene Fernandez, Hussein Najadi, Shaharuddin, Ahmad Sarbani and Kelvin Morais (just to name a few) all ended up dead. Many in unmentionable suspicious circumstances. Any wonder why Najib always claimed to be a cold-blooded Bugis warrior? Bugis warrior, my foot! He was in reality, a cold-blooded Bugis Pirate of South China Seas; more cold-blooded than any of his ancestral Bugis pirates, plundering from their hideout bases in Sulawesi.
Enough said on Najib Razak's DNA traits. So, like Marcos and Suharto, Najib too, was an American puppet until 2015, when WSJ and NYT (both Kabal-controlled media) decided to blow wide open Najib's 1MDB con job. Why? This will be discussed in the next series of articles. So while Marcos and Suharto took 21 and 33 years respectively, to fall from power (in the age of slow internet connection), Najib's fall from power will be much sooner than he thinks. A glimmer of hope for those hanging on, in these difficult economic times. Najib had openly wished that he could last as long as 22 years, like his mentor turned nemesis former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir. But will God answer our prayers, in a much shorter time? Let's look at some numbers, shall we? Najib was born on July 23, 1953 (723,9 or 3).  2016 (8 years, 9-9) would probably be too soon. 2017 (9 years, 9-1) does not jive with Marcos (21 years, 9-6 ) or Suharto (33 years, 9-4).

2018 (10 years, 9-2) would probably be the final year of Najib's reckless reign of mega debts and bankruptcies (MDB); officially 10 years after first becoming PM on 2 April, 2009 (2-4-2). PM Najib's 5-year term (5-5-2013) officially ends on 5-5-2018 (55,2). Najib's 10 years of 1MDB financial horrors, is half of Marcos's (difference of 11 years) and 1 third of Suharto's (
difference of 23 years) economically disastrous reigns. Incidentally, the difference between Suharto and Marcos reign is 12 years. Evidence of Divine Intervention? Seriously, we can't make this up.The numbers do line up. Only God knows the why's and how's of their evil schemes and destinies.   

Evidently, our prayers to God do really get answered in a much shorter time; as compared to Marcos and Suharto's time when internet was still in its infancy.

Almost 90% of those interviewed for this article, agree that Najib-Rosmah Reign of Financial Gluttony, cannot last longer than 2018. It is not the question of IF but WHEN. Logically, it is hard to see the parasitic Dracula-couple (Najib-Rosmah) outlasting the host victim; Malaysia. Without a new victim host, the parasite normally dies once the host victim is completely drained of life. Even if a new host country is willing to give them political asylum, Najib's days are numbered. Marcos, Suharto and almost all of the disposed depots, died miserably in exile after being disposed. Karma never fails.    

Thank you God, for your double quick time in answering our prayers. Amen.