Friday, May 10, 2013

PKR to 'blacken' more states in anti-polls fraud rallies

5:07PM May 10, 2013 
After successfully ‘blacking out' the Kelana Jaya Stadium with black-clad supporters protesting the alleged fraud in last week's polls, PKR plans to do so in four more states, hoping to cash-in on widespread public support for their election petitions.

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What other avenue do the rakyat have in voicing out the injustice done? Hopefully, this show of solidarity will bring down the corrupted EC and bring back some dignity to this country!
11/5/2013 8:04:59am

My Vote. My Rights. Dare U snatch!!! UBAH SPR. The root cause.
11/5/2013 7:30:47am

Just look at the pictures and the videos. This is truly a Malaysian thing. I shed tears when I saw young people of all races braving rain and traffic jam coming to Kelana Jaya stadium. I saw a chinese kissing a PAS flag along the LPD. I saw cars stuck in traffic jam honking not because out of anger but because they want to give support. There is hope Malaysia. Only Pakatan can unite Malaysia. BN are the ones trying to split Malaysia. Pray Malaysia, THERE IS HOPE.
11/5/2013 7:26:50am

BN is now irrelevant to the 'Rakyat'. One day it will go down to the grave.
11/5/2013 7:20:43am |

I really feel that with prayers and actions like this we can take back what was stolen from us. if the reception that we got at Kelana Jaya can be repeated all over the country, BN and EC will have to give way. Brothers and Sisters pray. We have good people in Pakatan
11/5/2013 7:18:14am 

Sang Kancil 
"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Martin Luther King Jr.
11/5/2013 6:58:27am 

Justice Bao 
Street Fighter either you are blind and have no brain of your own. PR is more honourable than those words you mention befit those who cheated in the GE13 JUST TO WIN WITHOUT INTERGRITY. SO FUCK OFF BRAINLESS.
11/5/2013 6:52:05am |

Justice Bao 
Rafizi , go to SABAH and SARAWAK too, so that our Eastern brothers & sisters can participate . This will get them closer to us in the Peninsula.
11/5/2013 6:48:12am

One of the aims of the “Black 505” is to put EC on defence. Until today after the 5th of May, the Election Day, EC chairman or his deputy had not come up with a clear explanation of why the indelible ink failed; that it can be removed easily almost immediately after been applied. If nothing is done now we would be screwed again in every general election. There are other equally important issues to be corrected before we go again into the next election. They are flawed electoral rolls, phantom voters using foreigners, free mainstream media, biased EC officers, unauthorised and illegal use of state assets (government vehicles and money), civil personnel, rampant vote buying, bribery of voters with handout, vote buying and last but not least the biggest the most damaging to the opposition is the postal and advance votes. 1/2
11/5/2013 6:28:31am

2/2 The integrity of such advance voting is suspected to be compromised when the votes were kept for a week. It is a perception that we don’t trust the police and also the postal authority who handled the votes from overseas. So those overseas voters we saw in the news who were so eager to vote for the first time, we are not sure whether their votes registered their choice. From what I understand these votes for Pakatan was much below the average standard percentage (in spite of increased anti-establishment sentiments) of only 10% (correct me if I am wrong). If we cannot implement better system for such voting it is better to discourage the overseas voters not to register to vote. It is a double whammy – your vote for Pakatan may turn into a vote for the government.
11/5/2013 6:28:15am

Puteri Malaysia 
I am coming from klang!!! true Malaysians wont condemn but respect the spirit of UBAH!!!
11/5/2013 5:44:36am

Billy The Kid 
Ubah with the bottom of my heart which is bleeding profusely. Help me to help others. Wear black and pls I beg all Penangites to converge in Batu Kawan. Batu Kawan, we shall come in droves!
11/5/2013 5:38:08am
Kim Quek 
The current nationwide campaign to raise awareness and drum up solidarity of the people is the right move. No free people can tolerate their sovereignty being robbed by corrupt leaders through fraudulent elections. If we don't rise up now, when will we do it? We must demonstrate to the corrupt power that it is the will of the people to seek full rectification to the wrong done in the recent election, and we will not rest until justice is restored. Attend the rallies to the fullest, just as the earth-shaking rally in Kelana Jaya Stadium on Tuesday. Wear black to create a sea of black. Let the message be unmistakable. The masses have risen. You defy them at your own peril.
11/5/2013 3:52:06am

Fair Play 
Arbeena, remember whatever you say, you belong to the group with 48% of popularity votes while the rakyat belong to the 52%. Which group is more credible in the eyes of the world community? Besides, the war is not over until it is over.
11/5/2013 3:45:04am

The Crooks from Putra Jaya by so despicable acts and means stole our Malaysians Liberty by FRAUD,for we Malaysians condemmed such tactics, Malaysians and Nation will goes to the dogs with another Five Years of Corrupted Rule by this Regime Goverment. As Malaysians we must stand United with our Leaders to wipe out Electoral Fraud in our Country, United We Stand Divided We will Fall so Malaysians we must stay United to achive our Malaysians Goal.
47 minutes ago
Lets continue to keep the elections fraud in the limelight and keep it on the public eye. Pls sign any petitions and bring the world's eyes on the rottenest "best democracy in the world". BN have been getting away with blue murder for decades. Inikalilah mustn't let 'em go.
56 minutes ago

Better My 
What is(are) Plan B? What if all the protests country-wide are ignored and clear recorded evidence in courts are brushed away or just kept prolonging by postponing by umno inclined judges or judges who do not want to stick their necks out. Perhaps these should be discussed by robbed pro change rakyat to give the strongest unflinching indication to illegit minority umno where pro change want this to go. One thing pro change dont want to go is to go to the next GE with promises in 5 years time, with more massive fraud like irregularities, killing democracy all over agaid, and we are back to this moment again. Clear Umno controlled EC engagement with Bersih years out before this GE was a total waste of time, with EC show of total contempt of free and fair Gem, common sense Bersih demands. One idea of plan B is PR call to down work tools country-wide, say for one day, or one week, progressively if there is no response. Umno must know that pro change is doing all this save Malaysia.
59 minutes ago

Dear Malaysian, " You get what you Accept"..... if you accept this blatant cheats, then forever you have to live it. Stop election cheats, support Black 505!
1 hour ago

Hajile Leumas 
The truth shall always prevail and the law of the sower will not bypass those who are guilty of their evil deeds because soon they will reap what they sow! If they sowed deception they shall be deceived! If they sowed evil they shall experience the fruits of evil! They may escape for a season but their conscience and consequences will haunt them forever and sleep will escape them. They will have no peace until they are 6 feet under and their torment will continue into eternity! There is no escape. Evil men may be able to hide their evil deeds done in secret but they will never be able to escape God's wrath and judgement which will be swift and decisive!
1 hour ago

Agree with MajuUbah. SPR and MACC should be answerable to the Parliament instead of under PM's Dept.
1 hour ago

Matthias Schilling Fight for your right peacefully as you did so far, and finally you will win. It might take some time, but don't lose your hope and go on. You will mobilize all the rest of population when they see you don't give up. We suffer with you and in our spirit we are with you.
1 hour ago

I think is a great idea. However, I believe it was on going transformation by both sides. To ensure free and fair representation of the rakyat, the following needs to be implemented. The new delineation of the state and parliamentary seats must recognize both the number of voters as well as the land size of the constituency. It is ridiculous Serawak and Sabah to control about 25 per cent of the parliamentary seats when the population is about 5 millions. Second, the SPR, MACC and Judiciary must report be answerable to the Parliamentary Select Committee; where the head is proposed by the government of the day but approve by the PSC. The we don't need a situation where you cheat me and I cheat you.
1 hour ago

the rakyat must stand together and reject if the govt do not win it with fair and square....whats the point of having an election with full of fraud and gerrymandering
1 hour ago