Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If You Are A Malaysian, PLEASE Watch This Video.mp4


Do you believe that an Amah living in 70's earn more money than a University graduate nowadays?


以后马来西亚真的穷到跟缅甸一样的时候,以后去印尼做人家的Kakak,给人家叫外劳­的都是Made in Malaysia的人。。。

Young Malaysian, do you really think politics is none of your business?
It has already been predicted that if this trend continues, by 2020, Malaysia would be exporting labours and maids.

When that happens, daughters of poor families will have to go overseas and becoming 'Kakak' in Indonesia.





Malaysia is in deep trouble now, only us, the people can save our own nation. With each and every vote in our hands, we can have a better future.

Bersih 2.0 Rally on 9 July 2011, for those who cannot attend the assembly please pray for the safety of our fellow and spread this video.

As a Malaysian, we must become a part of the force to push the movement of enlightenment forward, therefore, please share this video!

The wind of change has come, should we see the light!


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Credit to Mr. Wong Piang Yow for creating this video.
Please contact him to know more about the project to save Malaysia : vnet5m@gmail.com

Original Video: Malaysians4Change

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Editting / Chinese Subtitle : Ray Chong

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