Sunday, January 24, 2016

The true story of a ball-less chicken who killed the roaring tiger.

The true story of a ball-less chicken who killed the roaring tiger.

- by Malaysia Mana Boleh. What a great comparison between the two politicians. Unfortunately, the devious little chicken, who was no match for the fearless tiger, played foul. The "chicken little" killed the fearless tiger through a devious setup accident, just 2 hours after the chicken had safely landed in Turkey. The chicken then twitted & posted in facebook, his usual lying alibi "that he just heard the tiger was killed in the snare on touch-down in Turkey".

The only reason the cowardly chicken needed to lie so needlessly was the guilty conscious mind-set to have a "solid" up-in-the-air inaccessible alibi when the murder occurred. This alibi may be solid 20 years ago but not in 2014 where all private jets, equipped with satellite communication, are in constant telecommunication contact throughout the transcontinental flight to Turkey. What more, an airforce-1 doomsday command jet for the top chicken of the country?

What the pre$$titutes (Star and Bernama) reported.
The "Cash is King" chicken employed the Bomoh King donkey (who also appeared in the MH370 donkey show) to emphasize the false accident location (km 306.1). But the hare-brain donkey was at the wrong place (km 306.1) with the original placard still showing km 301.6; which was right setup accident location as shown earlier. Which goes to show that while 2 wrongs do not make it right, all lies do point to the truth.

The same Bomoh King donkey was employed by "Cash is King" chicken little, to provide some "dog & pony show" distraction while the willy foxes behind the MH370 plot (gone wrong), figured out how to worm their way out of the wormhole. You have to be a donkey fool to believe this bomoh king. Yet our "cash is king" chicken who rules by the laws of the jungle, continued to engage his donkey services to entertain all monkeys residing in the ridiculous fairy-tale jungle also known as Bodohland.

‘Raja Bomoh’ predicted Pakatan to win GE13March 14, 2014The now world famous Raja Bomoh tried to beat latest tracking technology to locate MH370.Ibrahim Mat ZinPETALING JAYA: As the global media spotlight shines on bomoh Ibrahim Mat Zin and his ‘magic carpet’ rituals in KLIA, an old video has resurfaced to cast doubts on the ‘Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP’s’ prophetic credentials.Ibrahim’s list of accomplishments, verified only by him, include dealing a single death blow to a crocodile, making predictions on the Highland Tower tragedy, and waging a supernatural battle with murderess Mona Fendy’s own brand of black magic.But the self-designated ‘world bomoh VIP king’ has been silent on a more recent, and far less stellar prediction: That Pakatan Rakyat would win the May 5, 2013 General Election.A video, apparently recorded on April 22, 2013, revealed Ibrahim doing what he knows best: performing rituals with his now-world-famous bomoh gear: bamboo binoculars, coconuts and a fish trap.The aim of the ritual was not to detect a missing plane, but to predict the victor of the 13th general election.In the 1:28 video, which can be viewed on YouTube, predicting Pakatan’s win required Ibrahim to perform two separate rituals.