Saturday, June 6, 2015

PM Najib reply to little brother Faizal on Nothing2Hide No show

Na-Jinx (short for National Jinx) replied: Dear little brother Faizal ....

I'll be lying if I say I have nothing 2 hide
But who was talking about 1MDB Nothing2Hide?
Theme of the Open Dialogue was "I have Nothing2Hide"
Nothing2Hide was only for invited blindfolded NGOs
Nothing2Hide would be too vulgar for Mahathir, already 90 years old. Appearing totally Naked, means I have Nothing2Hide
No veil, no screen, no costume...just plain Me in my birthday suit as in Nothing-left2Hide. Nothing2Hide plain as ABC, just me on stage exposing my naked body in pure raw hide.
Why would I want to take U 4 a ride?
My new private jet is for RoastPork & I.
If U r as beautiful as Altantuya, then U can join me for a ride
But only when RoastPork is out shopping on a global joy ride.
Yes, a Bugis Pirate, as cold blooded murderer as I can be
Stealing, plundering, murdering, lying, professionally trained I was to be
For 40 yrs, I was wheely dealing & politicking,as u have eyes to see
My dark past is Everything2Hide, but still a PM U elected me to be.
If U had truly thought I have Nothing2Hide, Not my fault But yr naive thoughts If U had truly thought 1MDB has Nothing2Hide, then u r dumber than I thought So easy to fool, that's the brilliant work of my latest PR wizard Lim Kok Wing As the LAST PM of Malaysia, Malaysians will forever be debt slaves, spellbound & hoodwinked. Faisal, I hope the above clears the little misunderstanding u had on our PR blitzkrieg. I took the time 2 respond 2 u so that u and the other 30 millions Malaysians know what is in store for 1MDB ( 1 Malaysia under Debt-slavery Bondage).

Johore, next to withdraw support for Najib

THE JOHOR PRINCE WHO DARED TO SPEAK UP: A public scolding Najib will never forget .

The 'Nothing to Hide' dialogue has shaped up to be the biggest public relations misadventure for Najib, and could put new PR czar Lim Kok Wing's job on the line.

Despite claiming the police advised him against attending the event due to security concerns, the general perception is that the premier went weak in the knees after learning about Mahathir's presence and the police chief was instructed to take a bullet for Najib.

The incident became all the more comical and damaging because it occurred some 24 hours after Najib declared in Sarawak that he has the blood of warriors coursing through his veins and would not bow to pressure or be intimidated.

It is mind-boggling how the prime minister's PR team failed to anticipate this disaster and allowed Najib to agree to the dialogue in the first place.

But it is too late to bandage the wounds for Najib is bleeding warrior blood profusely, especially after the blue-blooded royal slashing.

Speaking of Johor, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who has been critical of 1MDB and rumoured to be at odds with his boss, hails from the state and heads Johor Umno.

Whereas the organiser of the 'Nothing to Hide' dialogue, Khairul Anwar Rahmat, is Johor Umno Youth deputy chief.

A royal coincidence? - M'kini

Johore, next to withdraw support for Najib 20130627kl03
Malay Mail Online) – This morning the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar ordered a public discussion on 1Malaysia Development Berhad which was to be attended by the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to be cancelled on grounds of ‘public peace and harmony’.
Worse, police entered the premises of the forum and prevented former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad from continuing his speech.
This action by the IGP is both undemocratic and blatantly unlawful.
The police have no powers under the Police Act 1967 or any other Malaysian law to prohibit the open discussion of a matter of public finance and accountability.
How can a forum on the mismanagement of a public body be a threat to “public peace and harmony”?
The action of the IGP in stopping the forum is thus arbitrary, in breach of the rule of law and the right to freedom of expression under the federal constitution.
The IGP and police force have no duty, right or power to regulate public discourse in this country. They have grossly overstepped their powers and must be reined in.
Najib and the BN government owe all Malaysians an immediate explanation for this morning’s disturbing events. In particular, there must be an independent inquiry into the actions of the IGP in ordering the cancellation.
The time has come for all Malaysians, irrespective of political affiliation, to unite against the increasing erosion of the rule of law and negation of our fundamental freedoms.