Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Massive crowd support for Najib in question, photos doctored

Is Najib's massive crowd support for real? If so, why then is there a need for doctored photos of the much publicised mass rally aka show of support?  Is that why PR-spin mogul (Lim Kok Wing) was roped in to strengthen Najib's Mass Deception schemes?  Deception using life size rubber tanks, trucks and cut-out combat troops were deployed to fool the German defenders prior to the D-Day assaults. Really wealthy people do not flaunt their wealth and they do not need PR-spin moguls like LKW to inflate their egos.  Are we seeing Najib's staged massive support, when he actually has none?

Is it proper for Najib to announce that he has the support of the palace? Should Najib boast that the Sultan of Pahang supports him? 
I do not understand why Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib felt the need to expose the Sultan of Pahang's support if he has the support of thousands of people everywhere in facing the challenge from only one person asking him to resign. 
He himself had declared everywhere he went, thousands of people showed their support, more than 40,000 in Tawau, in Johor more than 15,000, more than 25,000 in Gopeng, in Kuantan 12,000 and larger gatherings were waiting for him everywhere. 
If he had been convinced by the strong and great support of the people, why should he get the support of the Palace? Is the support of the Palace even from just a Sultan, greater than the support of the thousands of people?


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today told his constituents in Pekan of his difficulty in making time in his schedule to meet the thousands of supporters eager to see him in Pahang and Perak today.
In a speech at the launch of an automotive fair at the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake Garden in Pekan, the prime minister said he had been delayed because he was unable to turn down a request to meet 30,000 of his supporters in Perak earlier.


Excited chatter filled the humid air in the prime minister's constituency of Pekan, Pahang, as locals descended onto the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake Garden, where an automotive fair organised by the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) was entering its second day.
But it was apparent that the scores of brand new cars gleaming under the morning sunlight were not the main crowd-puller for today. Instead, the centre of attention was a giant white tent decked in blue and red, where Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was expected to appear and address his constituents.
In anticipation of the prime minister’s presence, the Umno grassroots here had taken it upon themselves to turn the event into a show of support for their embattled president with Pekan Umno Youth pasting posters describing it as a "Solidarity 4PM Najib".

But what if the photographs of massive crowds in show of support for Najib were all fakes or actual photos doctored to show support? See for yourself the evidence contained in the photos extracted from these reports.