Saturday, June 6, 2015

Najib & IGP have INSULTED Dr Mahathir & all Malaysians

Written by J.D. Lovrenciar

The “Nothing2Hide” Forum that never was has preoccupied an entire nation’s concerned citizens. Conversation in person and across the on-line news portals and social media is gushing with condemnation for the prime minister of Malaysia and the Inspector General of Police.

Let us not try to sound politically correct by denying the reality on the ground please!

Datuk Seri Najib and the IGP have insulted the Malaysian public which best explains why people find both their explanations over the no-show and shoving of the Tun, totally unacceptable.

The insults can be summarized as follows:

One, the prime minister agreed to use the forum platform to help concerned citizens to better appreciate his version of the 1MDB debacle. But he did not turn up let alone send a representative to come in person and speak on his behalf or announce the prime minister's absence.

Two, the Police gave the permit for the NGO to organize the event. And it was to be held right within the compound vicinity of the UMNO headquarters, PWTC.So how can it not be secure? And the audience was not in the tens of thousands as in the days of the 'Reformasi' outbreak.

Three, this event was proudly paraded to the public following hot on the heels of Arul Kanda’s seemingly detailed explanation on the books of 1MDB and the earlier proud announcement of an apparent local Public Relations guru being hired to salvage and prop up a falling Najib.

But not only did the prime minister not show up but to make the insults even more hurtful, the IGP tweets that the show has to be cancelled and cites ‘security’ as the reason.

What also cuts a deeper wound in the hearts of the citizens is the manner in which the police on duty were instructed to act on the statesman Tun Dr Mahathir.

Is it then any wonder that in response the first, courageous Royal Crown Prince has openly returned fire at Najib with a thundering ‘Everything to Hide’ blast? Kudos to the Royalty!

How long more must we reel and twist in agony with this 1MDB debacle and the way the prime minister and the IGP are insulting this nation of people?

How long more must we tolerate all the insults that are thrown in the path of Tun Dr Mahathir who is only echoing the people’s concerns and owing to his very own deep sense of remorse for putting Najib behind the wheels of a country?

The on-line media is almost chocking with an overdrive expressions of concerns by netizens. But the government of the day continues to keep insulting the people with its main stream ‘feel good’ news instead.

It is best that the prime minister and the IGP step down out of patriotism and duty to nation. Please do not hold 30 million people at ransom.

The increasing multitude of citizens cannot be wrong. Please save us the pain of all these ‘overdrive’ insults. -