Saturday, June 20, 2015

Najib's golden pathway to PM throne, paved by "accidents" charted by the Kabal since 1974 (Part 1)

- by Manaf BN.

After (Tengku Razaleigh) KuLi's success with Bank Bumi and other ventures, Tun Razak was happy to see KuLi as a future PM with a bright future for Malaysia. Similar to Lee Kuan Yew's dynastic PM succession (modus operandi to dismiss allegations of nepotism) KuLi was Tun Razak's first choice for a transition PM after his retirement, with Najib Razak as his DPM. But the Kabal couldn't wait so long and certainly, not in their interest to have such a capable patriotic PMs as Razak and KuLi. But most important of all, they needed a siting duck PM that is beholden to Kabal; so full of scandals and dark secrets, that their Manchurian Candidate (MC) would not hesitate to kill Malaysians, even his own Malay brothers to destroy a free, independent and prosperous Malaysia. The Kabal needed impoverished debt slaves they can control. Not happy, well-fed, independent-minded Malaysians. The Kabal needed 30 million mind-controlled factory production debt slave robots, not 30 million problematic free-thinkers.  

It is now evident that Najib got the PM throne on the silver platter, courtesy of the Kabal. Kabal is the general term grouping all Zionists, Khazar Mafia and their network global conglomerates, minions, undercover agents, infiltrators provocateurs, politicians and presstitutes led by the Khazarian Zionist Banksters aka KZB, such as the Rothschild, Rockefeller and JP Morgans families.
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Mahathir was also another brilliant guy Tun Razak picked. Tun Razak had the knack to spot talents. Like Tun Ismail (his Deputy PM) another true Malaysian patriot. In similar fashion, Mahathir's intention was to groom Anwar Ibrahim as the future transition PM after his retirement, with Mukhriz as Anwar's DPM. Anwar was chosen after Musa Hitam (Mahathir's 1969 May13 co-conspirator) was persuaded by the Najib-Kabal faction to split from Mahathir in the 1986 KuLi's challenge for the PM throne (that's another long story, in another article).

Notice that Tun Razak dared not visit China until after Nixon's historic visit in 1971. The Kabal didn't like that. A year later, they set up the Watergate Scandal and Nixon was booted out of office (impeached). Although Nixon was their Manchurian Candidate as well, the Kabal saw Nixon's Ping-Pong diplomacy as an attempt to move out of the Kabal's total control. That's another story.

Tun Razak meets China PM Chou En-Lai in 1974

Following Nixon's visit to China, Tun Razak seized the opportunity to send a letter to China PM Chou En-Lai which paved way for Tun Razak's own historic visit to China in 1974.  The Kabal didn't like that too. In 1976 (14 Jan) Tun Razak was dead too. Remember all those patriotic heroes who did not want to be controlled by the Kabal; all died before their time. JFK was assassinated in Nov 22, 1963. Soekarno was disposed off by a young traitor general, Suharto in 1965. Tun Dr. Ismail died of heart attack in 1973, just 3 yrs after being DPM in 1970. Don't you see the pattern?

The Kabal wouldn't allow KuLi to continue making Malaysia into a technically advanced, rich and independent nation. Under his charge, Petronas proved to be a real "pain-in-ass" threat to their monopoly on oil exploitation in Asia. So they hatched a plan to kill him off with the rest of Sabah cabinet led by Tun Faud. Unfortunately, Harris Salleh saw KuLi as an insurance against the Kabal.

He literally pulled KuLi from the ill-fated plane with a feeble excuse "let's look at my cows (of all things)".  See where Sharizat's cowgate originated from?  KuLi is Heaven's gift to us. The Kabal knew that. The Kabal tried using Najib to destroy him (or at least his political career) several times but failed. He has divine protection. He is our choice for PM,  to put things right after all the destruction by Najib. A survivor, KuLi should be able to counter the Kabal's puppets replacement for Najib.

Why did the Kabal not block Mahathir's ascension to the PM throne?  
Mahathir, though not educated (brainwashed) in UK or US, was a first generation Malaysian (his father was born in India) and therefore, not thought of as a true patriot of TanahAir (motherland) like Tun Ismail or KuLi.

He might be more easily persuaded (bribed) to act in the Zionist Kabal geopolitical interests. Not born with a silver spoon into the traditional Malay ruling royal elite, he was thought of, as another Lee Kuan Yew (another brilliant politician bought into the Kabal fold). Great. With Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore and Mahathir in KL, the whole Malay Archipelago chain (including Indonesia under another Kabal crony, Suharto) could be totally under Kabal control and manipulation.

The Kabal at that time had no other choices, really. Ghafar Baba (the 3rd UMNO Vice President) was too much of a ground-root Malay leader and not cunning enough, to deceive the Malay population. Worst of all, Ghafar Baba could not "ACT" as in crisis acting like Najib in MH370.

All the capable forerunners (competitors to Najib) had to be conveniently disposed of, to pave the golden pathway to the PM throne for the lazy, shirt chaser born-with-a-silver-spoon Prince of Darkness. Tun Dr Ismail as Tun Razak's DPM, had to be disposed off first. Typical of the Kabal-made-up prophesies, RAHMAN  was prophesized as the first alphabet of PM names. N was meant to be Najib.

After Tun Razak was murdered, Malaysians meekly accepted an ill-health Hussein Onn as their PM. His tenure as PM was mean to be a short transition to the next PM, Mahathir. Meanwhile Najib was fast-tracked from youngest elected MP, to youngest cabinet deputy minister (age 25), to UMNO Vice President in 1993.

Reconciled with Mahathir, Musa Hitam posed a stumbling block to Najib being elected as the youngest Vice President in 1993.  There was only one UMNO vice president slot left. Anwar moved up from the vice presidency slot to DPM. If Musa were to contest for that seat, Najib's chance would be very slim indeed. Musa was persuaded by Mahathir to go for the vice presidency slot, as a backup, in case Anwar failed as his DPM. Further if Anwar and Musa worked as a tag team with Mahathir, Najib's fast track to the PM throne may be blocked forever. Their Sodomy Plot to get rid of Anwar would be of no use. Mahathir would just resort to Musa as his DPM again. They can't do a "shoot once" Sodomy Plot on Musa as Mahathir and the whole world would be too suspicious.

But why would Najib be in such a hurry to be PM? Actually, Najib was just a puppet and did not know beyond the "need to know" details. It was the Kabal who were in such a hurry. For that we have to turn to President Bush and US.

The Kabal had planned to totally dominate the world before the turn of the millennium ie rule directly, not  by proxies or deception as Mahathir had constantly asserted. The whole world missed the political significance of the fall of the Soviet Union and Bush's declaration of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Any surprise, Operation Desert Storm struck on Jan 19, 1991 (119).

Kabal President Bush launch New World Order after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

President Bush had earlier given his famous speech on Sept 11, 1990, on the New World Order.  The Soviet Union mysteriously and obediently disintegrated in 1988. But President Bush's imperial plan fell through. A cocksure overconfident Bush lost unexpectedly his 2nd term re-election to an unknown governor from Arkansas, Bill Clinton.

In any case, Bush's failure to secure a 2nd term was just a minor set back. They could easily lure another sex-crazed President Clinton into their Kabal circle with sex and wealth. Thus, an intern (Monica Lewinsky, a Khazar Jew) was used to bait President Clinton into a difficult-2-get-out sex scandal. Although Clinton was accidentally elected, the Kabal saw Clinton as a brilliant PR act. It is like breaking a wild horse to finally submit to the will of the Kabal. Clinton finally had no choice but to be the Kabal's puppet President and later, their puppet mouth piece.

The Kabal was preparing for the staged false flag 911 on Sept 11, 2001. Malaysia's PM Najib had to be installed by then or shortly thereafter, for their global anarchy-global take over.

1997 Asian Financial crisis, a precursor to the Zionist Global Coup.
Under their grand plan, Mahathir was supposed to fall in the 1997 Asian Financial crisis. Thailand was ready under Taksin's heavy influence, as Deputy Superintendent of Policy & Planning Sub-division. Many of the top police officers were trained by him. By the time he entered politics in late 1994, he was ready to ready to take on the PM throne in Thailand, after the 1997 Asian Financial crisis.

Suharto, already an aged dictator, was also ready to give way to his successor, Habibie. Singapore, under Lee Kuan Yew has always been under the Kabal's total control. Singapore is one of their Wealth Transfer-Collection centres, like Hong Kong, Cyprus and Iceland. So the stage was pretty much set in Asia.

Was the 1993 Highland Towers Collapse, a manufactured accident?

But Malaysia was not ready. The problem was Mahathir in Malaysia and Putin in Russia.

To be continued....