Sunday, May 24, 2015

Furious Responses to Tun Faisal's "impossible for Najib to lie since a correction was made" defence of Najib.

An Umno propagandist has defended prime minister Najib Razak’s remarks about 1Malaysia Development Bhd’s deposits in Singapore by saying that Najib would not have issued a correction if he had lied.
The comment came in a blog posting by Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz, a former Umno Youth leader now an adviser to Jasa, the propaganda unit of the Information Department.“If the prime minister was lying, it would be impossible that a correction would be made,” he said, quoted by Malaysiakini.
2015/05/24 propagandist-says-correction-shows-najib-didnt-intend-to-lie 
First of all, a correction means a mistake has been done. The correction would have put to right the mistake done. A mistake means unintentional error(s). But it couldn't be a mistake, if the errors keep snowballing year to year until it was too big to hide.
Ever heard of "paying for your mistake". Even if it was an unintentional error or series of errors, a responsible and honorable PM would have resigned to pay for such a big mistake like 1MDB. Political leaders do that all the time, all over the world. But Najib shows he has no shame, no remorse and no balls by not resigning and taking the "buck stops here" blame. Instead he fought back by faking he still had the Sultan of Pahang's and the Rakyat's support. Baloney! Such a reaction shows that it was never an honest mistake but deceitful lying. If he owes up to the mistake, why would he continue to expand his team of high powered PR spin masters. The latest being Lim Kok Wing.

This proves that Najib is not an honorable man. The opposite of honorable is dishonorable and the hallmark of a dishonorable person is deceitful lying.

Could it be a mistake, you said? It could not have been a mistake since the errors were discovered way back in the first accounting year and no corrections were made then. It was not a mistake if 1MDB had to sack not one but 2 previous CEOs and its international auditors who would not sign off the audited accounts. It could not be an unintentional mistake if 1MDB had to repeatedly delay and cook the books, to cover up. We are not talking of just 1 lie but a long wide web of lies to cover up the gigantic missing funds. How can this be a mistake then? A continuous cover-up from year to year cannot be a mistake but lies upon lies to cover up the missing hole in the accounts. Missing a few thousands of dollars can be deemed to be acceptable mistakes but not billions of dollars. Billions of missing funds is a very big problem (not a mistake) that won't go away. Did the correction by Najib or his ministers, make the mistake go away? No. It is still there. That is why it was not a correction but another long spaghetti of lies to buy enough time. Enough time for what? Sure Najib had some tricks up his sleeves. His Zionist Kabal masters are actively inciting 3rd World War. Only a global type of conflict can save their asses by resetting the over-cooked books. On the local front, Najib's henchmen are also doing their best to incite racial tensions and social un-rests in the hope of invoking martial law once social chaos set in. This is his only escape route now. The other option is to go to jail and be hanged for several unsolved high profile murders. We won't go into those. Najib is in a lot of troubles and no one can bail him out now. It is not just a simple mistake as Tun Faisal tried to spin it.

Most corrections come with apologies for the mistakes made. Has Najib even apologised? Instead he went on a dangerous war path, faking Royal and wide public support. Only suckers like Tun Faisal would want to defend Najib now. He had stolen the money (the bulk of it went to his zionist Kabal masters) to put us into this deep shit. To defend this outright crook (Prime Crime-minister) is to betray the nation, the Agong and its rakyat. Tun Mahathir is doing his patriotic duty in calling PM Najib to resign.

Other notable responses:
Abu Zato Ichi ·Top Commenter · Free Lance Killer at Ronin Stupid Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz! Must be that your brain is created inside out and hence this perverse rationalisation. Najib issued the correction because he knew that he was going to be caught lying. And now he is in deeper S**t because of advise from people like you. “It is not easy for the Finance Ministry to check all documents like actual auditors,” - Do you mean to say that RM42 billion is a trifle amount and can just be sneezed at. What is the MOF's budget? You don't have enough staffs to do the job, or was it that the top management were busy hiding things from their own staffs? GS Guang Trading · Top Commenter · Technical College "If it is not easy for the FM to check all documents" then he wasn't fit to be PM and FM. He should resign immediately. He already lost his capability, accountability and liability as on his task assignment. As a responsible person he always telling lies after another lies. With shameless behavior and attitude, is Razak family tolerate with it? Tak malu kah? Luis Khoo · Top Commenter That is the quality of advisor najib keep by his side, all bangang! Look at the mess najib is in now, thanks to all the bangang by his side. Iskandar Zulkarnain · Top Commenter · Harvard University Stupid explaination. Quit your job la boy. Joseph Tan · Top Commenter That's normal when one trying to cover a lie with another lie, in the end he couldn't remember what he lied Lim Geejin · Top Commenter · Site Supervisor at Architecture Consultants firm When you have nowhere to twist and turn or cover up, the only option left is to admit or tell the truth. When things are exposed and out in the open, there is no way one can li unless he is not of sound mind. Terry Kai Tean Foo · Top Commenter Najib lied, now his adviser also lie. It was not a correction but it was exposed so Najib has no options left but to tell the truth. If it was not exposed the truth will never be known. Fatkam Chew Jv · Top Commenter · Works at Mecom-medem-pedma When someone suspect something is WRONG... And you need to answer in WRITTING to parliament (in BLACK AND WHITE) you have USD 1 BILLION in the bank. Do you DOUBLE CHECK to make sure the report is true (that you have CASH USD 1 BILLION)? 1 BILLION is a huge sum0 or You just take for granted that it is true? Now, no matter how many leaders or supporters may say it was a mistake you can never change the perception of the people.... that you are lying ......... Adrian Tan · Top Commenter Such pathetic excuse & the spin just won't do it. The spin quality is so low even fools won't buy it. Kesian, lies are so convoluted, the only believable line is 'we lied!' Tian Fook Look Admission was made after it was highlighted by Sarawak Report... right? Amarjeet Singh · Top Commenter And nobody in 1MDB noticed this the next day, or the day after, or the thired day..... This was something so important and pressing. There were questions as to why the cash in Singapore could not be used to repay the loan due plus interest. Yet you are now telling us it was a mistake. Well I say now, this is anothr BIG lie. And please never come back and say this was another mistake. Peter Paul · Top Commenter Rule of thumb, dollars can sign blindly. Checking is a MUST in management. Check n Balance sts sop. A paper where bullion involved no check, sure a not huh holding two top pot fellows, toes laughing leh Peter Paul · Top Commenter Just wonder in meeting do they highlight the position and position to commit and advise accordingly or u boleh aku boleh lah gak masalah. Kalo ada pun sapu di bawa n sonpah tree timetable ok lah Jimmy Ng · Top Commenter · University of Houston So then who is sleeping and also lazy Kiro Osaka how can such an important information can be miscommunication. 1mdb need cash badly to service monthly commitment interest, dont the CEO knew whether it is form of asset or cash? dont treat all malaysia is stupid dumb. Mohaamad Sahafi · Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed Liars, Traitors, Pirates and Bandits are not above the Law. All relevant authorities in our country honouring The Ethics of Profesionalesm should go after these culprits immediately. Stvn Tung · Works at Self-Employed If the amount is one sen rakyat can forgive over look but one billion that unacceptable . If this insider happen in china the person who is in charge will be facing the firing squad . Tarjit Singh · Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed What is BNM doing ???? much money is moving out of the country n not aware of it . Why 1mbd need so many small companies...probably to ease money laundering John Ng · Top Commenter · King George V School, Seremban Hi Tun Faisal, you are blind and deaf. We call blind support. So Najib is now getting support from the blind. Intend or not, he lied. It is on record. HE LIED TO PARLIAMENT. He is a liar. Mamat Abdullah · Top Commenter Nice try. But very few will believe you. Fact is that he's stalling for time. But not to worry. The truth will soon catch up with him. Especially the Altantuya murder. Mari Joinlah · Top Commenter · Works at Kerja sendiri Didn't intent or intentionaly is not important, the fact is...najib failed the nation and his people. Denny Wong Chee Keong · Follow · Top Commenter · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Can a government office do business with the crowd? China cannot but malaysia boleh-1mdb can Mohaamad Sahafi · Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed A very sad TRUTH, our country is infested with Liars, Traitors, Pirates and Bandits. Albert Nathan · Top Commenter · Sek. Men. King George the Fifth, Seremban Well as I see it cash or kind it's still there unlike saying I cannot remember what happened Cat Poh · Top Commenter The true was out and he had no other alternatives but to twist and turn to save his skin Chen San · Follow · Top Commenter "Ada udang di balik batu." Kalaimagan Perakasam · Top Commenter · ITN/UTM Bodoh! if he was correcting himself he must have apologised for the earlier error in a gentleman fashion and given the correct answer himself and not via written note. Neither is he a gentleman, or someone who speaks the truth. This propagandist is so dumb that he only attempts to correct one mistake by the PM. What about the money being repatriated from Cayman?, the 2 billion borrowing from Ananda which was later supposedly from Tanjung power?, the fake document denoting the money is in a Singapore bank? Is this dumb fellow also going to correct the PM for all these? This dumbo thinks the people have forgotten all the earlier issues so he writes on the latest one. What a comedian. Glenn Reginald Maman · Top Commenter · Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia What stupid rubbish are u talking Tun Faisal this statement was made months ago but only know they realize their mistake after two statements confirming money fron the Caymen from the PM and Arul and to make a correction only now if I am correct this issue came out much earlier that IMDB gave false documents to the BSI who reported this to the Singapore Central bank if I am wrong I stand corrected but I don't think so James Khong · Top Commenter · Le Cordon Bleu DID'NT WE READ THE OTHER DAY...WHERE AN EX MINISTER SAID OF LKY 'S BRILLANCE WHEN HE WAS ALWAYS SURROUNDED BY SMART PROFESSIOPOOR QUALITY NALS TO IMPROVE HIMSELF....WHEREAS YOUR NAJIB IS ALWAYS SURROUNDED BY HIS SUPPORTERS 120% BUT NO BRAINS.....NO WONDER YOU FIND GUYS LIKE HIM BEHAVING LIKE IDIOTS... Kenny Wong Tun Faisal, This kind of gross mistake is unacceptable and should be punished according to law. It shows how weak is the leadership of 1MDB handling the business. Remember this is public fund. He has to pay for the price and shoulder responsibility. Najib is not the above the law. Even he has 80% support still subject to the law. Liza Lim · Hong Kong Hello! US$1bn is not a small amount, just a lame excuse by saying not easy for the FM to check all documents, in other country, FM have to design. Is it because of someone discovered no cash in bank...then only tell the truth??? Aramsa Aramsa · Top Commenter Feisal, you are yourself lying now. You are a propagandist. You are not worth a single word. Najib lied and continue to be lying. One lie after another to cover the earlier make yourself one of the 40 thieves. Ayob Bin Abd Hamid · Top Commenter · Mara Institute of Technology, Jalan Othman, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Don't make yourself look silly. It sounds like all the ruling MPs in Parliament are equally dump and stupid. The PM will make mistakes like this when all of them are under his armpits, and get away with it. Koh Teng Gee · Top Commenter · UKM Only stupid people cannot differentiate between cash and asset. BTW how do you deposit units in bank? As far as I know we only deposit cash in bank doesnt matter which currency RM, S$ or US$. David Bunyau · Top Commenter · Owner at Self-Employed The Parliament to convene not only to sack the Prime Minister - but AG & IGP as well. Never in the world history their Prime Minister rob the Treasury in broad day light with the IGP & AG doing nothing. Selva Ganesh · Top Commenter One major mistake that keeps happening is having complete idiots running the country!Not to mention the ball polishers! Chang Cheemeng · Top Commenter · SMK KING EDWARD V11 Why hang on to two portfolios when not up to the task? This proves Najib as a know nothing leader and should resign. Jimmy Ahchuen · Inogo University arul also said cash. n he sighted the statement... a lie is a lie....dont find excuses. be a man w balls!!!! Munawar Alias · Top Commenter · Universiti Pertanian Malaysia The buck stops at PM's table. Or his wife, either one would call the shots at PMO. So thats why Najib must go. Manikam Jaganthan · Top Commenter · ACS Sitiawan You mean to say 42 billion just a mistake ? Faisal you should be stripped of your TUN if the royal don't wants we do. Mamat Abdullah · Top Commenter Sorry to interrupt. Tun is his name, not a title bestowed. Keat Lee · Top Commenter · Penang Free School What sort assets other than cash can one deposit with a bank???? Koh Teng Gee · Top Commenter · UKM Frankly why does Najib need so many advisors, PR team in the country as well as outside. How much does it cost to maintain so many propaganda staff as well as PR staff? Najib spends millions in rm a month, these money shld be spent on the welfare of the people instead of his personal interest. It's not economical to hv Najib as PM. Better get some one not tainted to save the money. Stanley Teoh · Top Commenter The ETERNAL saying ... " YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME ... YOU CAN FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME . BUT YOU CAN'T FOOL ALL THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME !! " ... stupid ...