Sunday, June 22, 2014

Borrowing the enemy's sword to kill - OPS Malaysia Hilang

If you still do not understand why the Mentri Besar (equivalent to Chief Minister) of Selangor is behaving more and more like an UMNO MB than a Pakatan Raykat (PR) member, then you do not understand Sun Tzu's Art of War. It is a tactic known as "borrowing the enemy's sword" to kill.

What better way than to borrow PR MB (planted wolf in a sheep's skin) to bury Pakatan's march to PutraJaya. Most political analysts underestimated "weak" Najib. Najib might be weak and never had to put in a hard's day work in his whole life. But he is surrounded by evil scheming advisers on loan from his Zionist Rothschild Godfather. The way to destroy PR is from within. UMNO thugs will distract from without and buy time for the infiltrators to destroy from within. With PR's MB Khalid acting more and more like Najib's UMNO henchman, in no time will the people's support for PR be eroded away. Why vote PR when the pro-crony business policy is the same as UMNO's?

But there is a more important reason why MB Khalid is shamelessly acting like a Najib's puppet even in public. It is Operation Malaysia Hilang (Operation Malaysia Disappear). Mahathir had his OPS Lalang to consolidate his power since becoming PM.

Najib's advisers also advised Najib to have a similar ISA (Internal Security Act) operation to round up all of his opponents including those in his own UMNO party. That would include former PM Mahathir and his supporters too. It is no secret Mahathir would want to see his son (Mukriz), currently the MB of Kedah, next in line for the PM throne before leaving this world. So either Najib ends up as a 1 term lame duck PM or he has to put an end to all these internal party bickering for power.

But Najib is no political strongman or maverick like Mahathir. His politically ambitious wife (Rosmah) too would not let Najib fade away like his predecessor, Badawi. In Sun Tzu's Art of War, being weak is no excuse for losing the war. You can always borrow the opponent's sword (literally) to kill or to win. Thus the plan (Ops Malaysia Hilang) was hatched as early as 2008; soon after the united opposition PR (under Anwar's charismatic leadership) scored unprecedented election upset dubbed  308 Political Tsunami in the 12th general election.

Now you know why MH370 was not an accident or pilot suicide mission but a well planned orchestrated plot (borrowing US-Zionist expertise) to launch Najib's OPS Malaysia Hilang and his dream of setting up his own dynasty; NajibRosmalsia.

Malaysia (a flawed federation of 13 states) is literally lost (wiped out). Thus, fulfilling the prophesy that Najib would be the last PM of Malaysia. The last letter N as in the 1st PM name, RAHMAN.

To be continued ....

It is time for Selangor Menteri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim to choose either to resign, or to put it crudely, face the wrath of Selangor voters. 
If he thinks that he is indispensable, then he is absolutely wrong. In a democratic country, Governments are elected into power and they too can be elected out. In order for the ruling party to remain in power, they have to engage with the people.
The worst thing that can can happen to any elected representative or the Head of the Government is when they become disengaged with the people, or bask themselves in their own glories.
Khalid has to realise that his position as MB is the result of the efforts of Selangorians who wanted to see change in this country. Without the people's support, he is no one. Before he became the MB of Selangor, most of us have never even heard about Khalid.
He should be impeached 
Although in Malaysia, the situation is different since we have already seen nearly 60 years under the rule of Barisan Nasional, and people will continue supporting Pakatan all the way to Putrajaya, it does not mean that the people will necessarily continue to support Khalid himself, even if he stands as State Assemblyman in another constituency.