Saturday, March 12, 2016

Exclusive Interview Najib Razak, the untold his side of the story -part 1

(no date given, no place mentioned and nowhere to hide)
At last, the truth is out. Najib Razak's insurance should anything untoward happen to him.

Part 1 of the interview: So How Much Did You Steal Actually?

Najib:The honest thing is, I don't actually know. It's over a mind boggling RM500 billions. You lose count after that.

TRS: Oh Lord, that much, huh? How do you keep all that billions? I mean, it must have been 100 billion/year. Surely the banks, BNM and the officials would have some inkling and talks would have spread, right? You can't keep those billions, even 1/3 of it under the mattresses, right? How do you keep all these information from leaking out?

Najib: You got to understand, the whole western Cabal Mafia Underworld and Rothschild banksters are in it. I actually get to keep just 10% (commission) as their puppet, their front man or fall guy, as you call it. That is more than enough to keep Rossie happy. Buying up diamonds, Birkin bags and unlimited luxuries to last her a lifetime. But all the spending went through Jho Low, who arranged everything under cover. We only spend and enjoy-lah, you know. Operating through the Cabal Mafia Underworld and private bankers have their advantages; Client Confidentiality, trade secrets, top secret business deals, high level corruption and many elite banking transactions the banking cartel never speak of in public.

I said before that if I go down, I will take the whole (corrupt Cabal, edited) system down. Many took it to mean the BN government but I spoke the truth. Like the phrase “it was never for my personal gain”.

90% of all the loot went through dozens of Cabal banks and crony companies. I suspect they used 100s of their crony global corps to report multi-billion losses and transactions as their cover conduit. The money actually ended up in Cabal controlled entities, mainly to secretly fund their global terrorism, war on terror and middle east wars incl Syria and Ukraine. All these covert black ops need millions in funding, you know. Example, the covert funds (>RM 2.6 billion) to finance OPS MH370-17-004-198, went through my personal account. That's why I said the monies in my personal account were not for my personal gain. I was just their conduit because nobody would dare check a PM personal account. I couldn't have done all these by myself or through the cabinet or government entities. My job was to secure the plundering,  sorry I mean funding and channel them through FGV, IMDB, SRC Intl, Petro Saudi and other Designed_to_Fail investment programmes.

Any inquiries, the convenient excuse would be GE13 election funding. But you know that we have run all 12 GE before and all funding were raised at least 2 years before an election. There are special long term UMNO and BN official accounts for these election campaigns. These are established political election machineries. Those UMNO suckers fell for it. How can you win the GE using funds acquired just weeks before the GE announcement? You must be a nut to believe the 2.6 billion was for GE13. I can tell you that buying a GE takes months to prepare and the funds need to be flowing at least 2 years before. That’s why I sack a few ministers in my cabinet. They are utterly useless. Can’t even lie convincingly with logical facts. I am in deep trouble because of these idiot ministers. Always saying the wrong things. Like the 2.6 billion was a donation from Prince Al-Waleed. I mean why would a bona fide multibillionaire get involved in a scam like 1MDB. I demoted him to keep him quiet after this fiasco.

Though I must accept that they (my cabinet ministers) did a reasonable job on the “2.6 billion for GE13” lie. That kept UMNO and BN quiet for awhile. Because winning the election and keeping the government with BN made them accomplices too. Until those bastards, Mahathir, Muhyddin and Safie started questioning the lie. They knew that funding for GE13 went through the normal election machineries with their official accounts. Muhyddin as my deputy and head of BN election machinery, would know why “2.6 billion for GE13” was an outright lie. If only this trio had kept quiet. I would not have landed in this deep shit.

Of course, we still have the likes of Uncle Najadi (who was my father's close friend and confidante) and Datuk Shaharuddin (top clean cop in charge of taxes on foreign remittance) who would not keep quiet. They were confident we would not kill them off because of their status. They sorely underestimated the Cabal Mafia. It was outside my control. Just as the bomb-triggered landslides at Highland Tower (1993), Affin Bank Chairman home (2003) and the Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide (2008).

(part of the exclusive interview with Najib Razak; The Untold his side of the story. to be continued)